Budget India – Cheap!

Budget India Although there are certain areas in India which would require a budget similar to a holiday to Dubai, outside of these tourist hotspots it is possible to enjoy a holiday on a budget of around £15 a day if you forego certain comforts (which may make you feel more in touch with the culture here anyway). India is huge, comprising of almost 30 states and a population of 1 billion people, and so you’ll never be able to see everything, but whatever you want from your holiday, India has. Whether it’s the beaches of Goa, the history and

Budget Vietnam – Cheap!

Budget Vietnam If you’re looking for a budget holiday to the other side of the world, then look no further than Vietnam. With its rich culture and tumultuous history, it makes for a perfect tourist holiday whether you choose Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon). With beds for £3.50 per night and beer costing as little as 50 pence, as well as beautiful natural scenery and historical destinations such as the Ho Chi Minh trail to keep you interested for weeks, Vietnam certainly has all the prerequisites to make this a trip you’ll remember for all the right

The Ultimate Mobile Work Set-up. Supercharge 4

The ultimate mobile work set-up The nine to five job based in a single location is fast becoming the exception rather than the rule. In fact, most people these days are more mobile than ever before and ways of working are changing to reflect a different kind of lifestyle. Luckily, technology has made this not only possible, but desirable, especially for employers who want to get maximum productivity from their workforce. However, even humble employees can enjoy mobile working and have some fun in the process. So What The Deal Yo with a mobile work set-up? 1. Benefits of mobile

Bargain Holiday Tips. Super 10 !

Bargain Holiday Tips You may have stared longingly at flashy advertisements for luxurious holiday suites and pondered if you’ll ever take a break from your rather mundane schedule. Lavish holidays are not for everyone. You have to plan well to streamline the whole vacation.  Due to busy work lives, some people opt for short breaks that are friendly to their pockets and can refresh them for a whole week. So if you want to have bargain holiday adventures that are fun and exciting without burning a hole in your pocket, why not try the following suggestions: 1. Explore your city