The Five Best Virtual Reality Headsets

The Five Best Virtual Reality Headsets We’ve heard about virtual reality for years and now it’s really here and ready for everyone to try plus it’s set to stay.  Just by putting on a special headset, we can explore just about anywhere and actually feel like we’ve taken a journey, all while sitting on the sofa in the living room!  As with all technology, virtual reality headsets continue to improve and that means that some of the headsets available today are literally state-of-the-art.  The best thing about VR headsets is that there are so many excellent affordable options.  There are

The Best Smartphone Cameras

The Best Smartphone Cameras for Taking Perfect Pictures Selfies, social media and the rise of instant fame means you need a quality smartphone camera. Additionally, with mobile phone technology advancing at immense speed, even photography professionals are buying into premium smartphone cameras. With high definition and the ability to use photo-shop style apps, automatic flash, night vision etc. your pictures can look as good as, if not better than some well-known photographers’.  However, to get really picture-perfect images without adding an app, you need a superior smartphone camera.  Let’s explore the best smartphone cameras for taking perfect pictures. Before rushing

How to Choose an SD Card

How To Choose an SD Card SD cards (or secure digital cards) are what you find in a variety of equipment including smartphones and tablets, digital cameras and some laptops. They are mostly used for storage. However, before you rush out to buy one, be aware that there are lots of different types.  You need to consider speed, the actual physical size of the SD required and its capacity capability. As an example, a digital camera will likely use its SD card for storage but your smartphone SD might be used to increase your phone’s existing storage.  So, there are [...]

5 of the Best Surf Watches. Amazing!

5 of the Best Surf Watches If you spend a lot of time surfing your favourite waves you need all of the gear. We’re not just talking about a cool surfboard and board shorts, you need a great looking watch too and one with a wealth of exciting features.  Surf watches aren’t just practical when you spend a lot of time in the water, they’re stylish too. So, with the right surf watch not only will you look every inch the surf king and track your progress, you’ll also be able to keep an eye on the time meaning you

Time Saving Gadgets for a more Productive Life

Time Saving Gadgets for a more Productive Life We are all busy.  We get emails every minute of the day and we can’t escape them.  We have to check our latest Facebook updates, see what celebrity has tweeted and keep an eye on our Instagram feeds.  Then we have to get to the office to work a 40 hour week and take and collect the kids from school all at the same time!  Not to mention do the chores, there’s dry cleaning, shopping, cleaning and cooking. Don’t forget factoring in seeing friends, family, going to the gym and taking the

10 Of The Best Folding Bikes. Yikes!

10 Of The Best Folding Bikes Folding bikes are extremely practical especially if you travel a lot or you want something that’s space-saving because you don’t have room for a full-size bike at home. They’re also useful if you want to cycle to your local train station when commuting to work. This is because you can easily carry your bike on the train because generally, they’re lightweight. These days, the advancement of bike technology means that folding bikes are often just as good to ride on the road as regular bikes but there are lots of folding bike options and

Best Selling Tablets

Best Selling Tablets Since the launch of the first Apple iPad in 2010 there has been no shortage of new entrants and options.  All the major players including Amazon, Samsung, Huawei, and even Microsoft have worked hard to create best selling tablets that really capture the imagination. So What The Deal Yo!?! Below are some options based on the best sellers available to buy today: Amazon Fire Tablets>> Available in 7″, 8″ and 10″ Amazon fire tablets are now thinner, lighter with longer battery life than before.  They are a great way to access everyday social media, commuication as well

Good Websites For DJ’s

Good Websites For DJ’s Founded in 2004 Beatport is one of the leading online stores for unique music discovery,  particularly for electronic music. Digital DJ Tips is one of the largest online DJ schools in the world.  They have a range of courses for beginners to full time DJs.  The site is also a great resource for DJ reviews and news. DJ resource, community and store run by DJs including a forum with over 100,000 members.   Listen to DJs, radio presenters and upload your own mixes at Mixcloud. Good Websites For DJ’s

What the deal with AI assistants? Google Assistant vs Microsoft Cortana vs Amazon Alexa vs Apple Siri

Google Assistant vs Microsoft Cortana vs Amazon Alexa vs Apple Siri Alexa Amazon seems to be everywhere these days. That includes the world of virtual and artificial intelligence assistants. Alexa can easily handle what you might expect in terms of answering some of the general questions you might otherwise search Google like weather, train times or popular songs. Where it’s perhaps most interesting Alexa Skills where developers can integrate with Alexa opening up a world of possibilities like booking taxies, ordering take-out food, playing music from Spotify, accessing audiobooks, podcasts and more. It works great in the home in the

Best Of The Smartphone Titans 2017, Memorable!

IPhone X – Best Of The Smartphone Titans 2017 Wow is this actually a phone or something else.  One things for sure, the price is something else! 🙂 For the 10th anniversary of iPhone, Apple has created the most advanced iPhone ever, but What The Deal Yo!? Is it the iPhone 10 really worth the price tag.  Some say it is, it’s just a bit larger than the iPhone 8 while having a much bigger, 5.8-inch screen of the new OLED type. Packing this into the smaller overall size is quite impressive and the colors are pretty amazing.  Touch ID which has

Top AI Digital Assistants Compared – Genius!

Top AI Digital Assistants Compared Over the past few years there has been a big upsurge in AI Digital Assistants on smartphones and other devices. We’re talking about Cortana, Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and more. The future looks bright for these types of useful assistants, there will be others coming out with upgraded features and improved technology but which are the best to use in everyday life? What are the benefits to each? What are the disadvantages? We explore the most popular AI Digital Assistants to find out which are best and why. Apple’s Siri – Top AI Digital Assistants

6 Of The Best DJ Apps – Magic!

6 Of The Best DJ Apps If you harbour a secret desire to be the world’s best dance DJ but don’t know where to start, we’ve got some great ideas for you, on a screen. There’s no need to purchase an expensive set of decks to mix your music. Instead, there are some incredible aps available now to make your DJ dreams come true. Remember, these in-app purchase apps are aimed at amateurs rather than professional DJ’s but they’re definitely worth trying and you can even create a fantastic dance-worthy playlist for your own party or event. 1 of 6 [...]

Best Electric Shavers

Best Electric Shavers for Men >> 1 Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Men's Electric Foil Shaver Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Men's Electric Foil Shaver with Clean and Charge Station Rechargeable and Cordless Razor 209 2 Philips AquaTouch S5420/06 Philips AquaTouch S5420/06, Wet and Dry Men's Electric Shaver with SmartClick Precision Trimmer 107 3 Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3090cc Electric Shaver Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3090cc Electric Shaver, Black/Silver, Rechargeable and Cordless Electric Razor 75 4 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler 3-in-1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler 3-in-1 (Razor, Beard Trimmer, Edging Blade) 57 5 Philips Series 5000 Hair Clipper HC5450/83 Philips Series 5000 [...]

Top Smartphones – Huge!

Top Smartphones from the world's top brands rated. Samsung, iPhone, Google Pixel and more... 1 Samsung Galaxy S8 The Samsung Galaxy S8 feels like a revolutionary new form and a sign of things to come. 17 2 Apple iPhone X A very impressive, but expensive iPhone with some exciting leading edge features. 16 3 Google Pixel 2 Possibly not the most exciting phone, but the Google Pixel 2 is a solid top end smartphone none the less. 15 4 iPhone 8 Not the most exciting phone release, but a solid iPhone update. 13 5 Samsung S7 A market leading phone [...]

Top DJ Controllers – Popular, Massive!

Top DJ Controllers from the world's leading brands including Pioneer, Denon, Reloop, and more... With so many top DJ controllers on the market, how do you choose.  Here are some of the best top DJ controllers as voted by our visitors. 1 Pioneer XDJ-RX all-in-one The two CDJ-style platters have a familiar, club-standard layout that gives you instant access to pro-DJ performance features including Beat Sync, Slip Mode and Quantized cues and loops. 13 2 Reloop Mixon 4 4 Channel DJ controller for DJAY Pro iPad and Serrato DJ. 12 3 Pioneer DDJ-RX professional 4-channel controller The Pioneer DDJ-RX Rekordbox [...]

5 of the best electric shavers for your beard

5 of the best electric shavers for your beard Male grooming can be a demanding task – particularly when it’s very early in the morning and there is a day of meetings ahead. Who really has the time to deal with all sorts of creams, razors and combs when there’s an extra five minutes in bed to be had? Thank goodness for electric shavers that can improve accuracy and shave the time off, (sorry), your daily bathroom labours. So, What The Deal Yo with… electric shavers?  Here are 5 of the best electric shavers for your beard Electric shavers are [...]

The best mobile and tablet devices for on-the-move gaming

The best mobile and tablet devices for on-the-move gaming Mobile gaming is big news and big business, but with so many devices available, it can be difficult to commit to just one. After all, each has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of software and operating system, screen size and the types of game on offer – as well as its size and something we’ll call ‘commutability’. It all comes down to when a particular person will be accessing games, and how they like to play. With that in mind, we have to ask… What The Deal Yo with… on-the-move [...]

Internet of Things: 20 great gadgets to get you started

Internet of Things: 20 great gadgets to get you started It’s time to get technical and talk about the Internet of Things. Now, anybody who knows anything about gadgets, networks, software and the internet will know all about the Internet of Things. Affectionately known as IOT, those who are less technologically inclined may feel a little left in the dark by the mere mention of the term. So, what is this Internet of Things, and how does it affect our daily lives? What The Deal Yo with… the Internet of Things? Internet of Things: 20 great gadgets to get you

Top 5 Action Cameras. Go!

Top 5 Action Cameras It’s not enough to simply experience adventure anymore – now each jump, dive, flight and ride must be captured from every angle so that they can be watched, and enjoyed, time and time again. We don’t just want to head into the unknown, but take an audience with us. The question is, can technology keep up with this insatiable thirst for adrenalin-fuelled exploits? In no particular order… What The Deal Yo with… action cameras? 1 Of The Top 5 Action Cameras –  Nikon KeyMission 360 There’s a lot of industry buzz surrounding the release of the

Don’t buy a smartwatch until you’ve checked out our top 5

Don’t buy a smartwatch until you’ve checked out our top 5 Smartwatches are the new ‘in’ thing in the watch industry and the market is seeing an increasing flow of products from several manufacturers. Each brand is busy trying to outshine the other. Because of this finding the best smartwatch at the right price can be challenging. So What The Deal Yo with buying a smartwatch? This is why we’ve decided to make your task a little easier. If you are looking for a smartwatch, check out our top five picks so you can get an idea of what’s presently

The best accessories for your mobile gaming device

The best accessories for your mobile gaming device Are you are a hard-core gamer? If so, you will always be looking for ways to improve and enhance your gaming experience. If you enjoy the mobile gaming experience, but wish to take things up a notch, you can do so with the right accessories. What The Deal Yo with the best accessories for your mobile gaming device? If you would like to know the best way in which you can bring a whole new dimension to your gaming experience – whether on a tablet or smartphone – here are some of [...]

How to choose a smart TV. 4 Bright Ideas.

How to choose a smart TV Remember when televisions used to be big, thick, clunky boxes? It wasn’t too long ago, but it’s safe to say those days are now gone. Long gone. TVs in the modern era are curvy, sleek, thin and sexy, and many of them now boast the “smart” tag. So What The Deal Yo with smart TVs? When it comes to how to choose a smart TV, you really need to think about three main things: budget, purpose, and brand. But let’s take baby steps here. Before we go into specifics, you need to have a [...]

10 DJ controller s to help you set the roof on fire. Boom!

10 DJ controller s to help you set the roof on fire Hosting a party soon? Looking to take up a new hobby? Fancy yourself as the next big thing on the global DJ circuit? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you might want to consider picking up some swanky new DJ decks for your pad. Problem is, there’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to these pieces of equipment. So What The Deal Yo with the best DJ controllers?  We’ve done the necessary research and decided there are ten DJ controllers

Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro: can they replace your laptop? Challenge!

Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro: can they replace your laptop? What The Deal Yo with the Surface Pro and the iPad Pro? Which of these is better than the other? Can either of them replace your laptop? These are a few techy questions we’ve been pondering ourselves, so we’ve decided to do a little research to determine the answers. To make things a little easier, we’ve broken both tablets down into pros and cons. Surface Pro 4 Pros: A fitted support stand props the machine up easily. A great display (12.3 inches, 2736 x 1824), albeit one that is [...]

Smartphones – how to find the best new deals and contracts. Step by Step

Smartphones – how to find the best new deals and contracts. It’s official peeps – smartphones have taken over the entire world. They’re so deeply integrated in modern society that it’s unlikely they’ll ever go away, and if you don’t know your stuff about them by now, we’re sorry to say that you’ve fallen a little bit behind. Never fear though, this mini guide will tell you all you need to know about how to find the best new deals on your smartphone and how you can grab the best models for low prices. So, What The Deal Yo with [...]

The Ultimate Mobile Work Set-up. Supercharge 4

The ultimate mobile work set-up The nine to five job based in a single location is fast becoming the exception rather than the rule. In fact, most people these days are more mobile than ever before and ways of working are changing to reflect a different kind of lifestyle. Luckily, technology has made this not only possible, but desirable, especially for employers who want to get maximum productivity from their workforce. However, even humble employees can enjoy mobile working and have some fun in the process. So What The Deal Yo with a mobile work set-up? 1. Benefits of mobile

Home wireless speaker setup: how to tune your home to the music. 5 Alive !

Home wireless speaker setup: how to tune your home to the music Thanks to advanced technology, home audio and video gear can convert a living space into a recording studio, a DJ suite and/or a digital audio workstation. If an enhanced home entertainment centre is required, one of the main issues is likely to be the wiring that connects up the various pieces of equipment. This is where wireless speaker setup s excel. Besides the (generally) improved sound quality there is no DIY involved in the setup process – there’s no need to drill holes in walls for cables or [...]

Microsoft Vs Apple: From PCs to Laptops to Tablets, Once You Go Mac Do You Ever Go Back?

Microsoft Vs Apple: From PCs to Laptops to Tablets, Once You Go Mac Do You Ever Go Back? Throughout history there have been many epic rivalries.  Not least David vs Goliath, Hercules vs Hades, Virgin vs British Airways, VHS vs Beta Max, Nike vs Reebok, Biggie vs Tupac and of course Jobs vs Gates. The fight over best operating system (OS) and more broadly which pc or laptop to choose can truly divide people and has been the cause of many an argument.  Some will tell you that you can’t beat Apple’s user experience while a Windows user might tell [...]

10 Popular Smartwatches

10 Popular Smartwatches What The Deal Yo?! with these expensive popular Smartwatches?  Are they as cool as they look or just a waste of money? These high-tech gadgets deliver a wide selection of features including monitoring your heart rate, running a variety of apps, as well as displaying smartphone notifications. Taking a good look at the number of smartwatch models available in the market, it’s pretty clear that they are here to stay for the long haul.  Here are 10 of the most popular smartwatches that are around today. 1. Apple Watch Starting at around £300, the Apple Watch is the

10 Of The Best Smartphones – Memorable !

10 Of The Best Smartphones In the age of Smartphones – What The Deal Yo?! So many brands and tech specs to choose from to surf the internet, socialize and maybe even call someone. It can be difficult to choose a smartphone given the wide variety available in the market today. When choosing a smartphone, there are definitely a few things to consider. For instance, large screened smartphones (e.g. 5 inches) are great for playing games and watching videos, but they’re not always as easy to carry around in your pocket. With most computers faster and more powerful than the

Top 10 Best Selling Tablets. Booyah !

Top Ten Best Selling Tablets So What The Deal Yo?! with tablets.  So many around, so many brands, which do you choose?  Tablets have gained popularity in recent years as many people appreciate the convenience of a tablet over a laptop. The only dilemma is what tablet to buy!  While Apple set up and led the market with it’s flagship ipad, there is now more real competition from major companies including Samsung, Amazon, and Google. Not only are they competing in terms of technology, some offer great features at lower prices.  So if you’re thinking about a tablet then it’s really important