Top Ten Best Selling Tablets

Top 10 Best Selling Tablets. Booyah !


Top Ten Best Selling Tablets

So What The Deal Yo?! with tablets.  So many around, so many brands, which do you choose?  Tablets have gained popularity in recent years as many people appreciate the convenience of a tablet over a laptop. The only dilemma is what tablet to buy!  While Apple set up and led the market with it’s flagship ipad, there is now more real competition from major companies including Samsung, Amazon, and Google.

Not only are they competing in terms of technology, some offer great features at lower prices.  So if you’re thinking about a tablet then it’s really important to take your time and consider all the different options and what will work best for you.    Here are some of the best selling tablets available on the market today.

10. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

When there’s competition Samsung are never far away and the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is definitely up there with the best tablets. The 12.2 inch screen display is only one of the amazing features. This tablet has 3GB RAM and a healthy quad-core processor giving it exceptional performance. The S pen is also really efficient when combined with such a large and bright screen. The Galaxy is a perfect choice for those of you who enjoy digital art or if you want a device in which you can be productive with. The large screen is also amazing for watching videos too! You can pick one up for around $840 which is great value for money!