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The Ultimate Mobile Work Set-up. Supercharge 4


The ultimate mobile work set-up

The nine to five job based in a single location is fast becoming the exception rather than the rule. In fact, most people these days are more mobile than ever before and ways of working are changing to reflect a different kind of lifestyle. Luckily, technology has made this not only possible, but desirable, especially for employers who want to get maximum productivity from their workforce. However, even humble employees can enjoy mobile working and have some fun in the process. So What The Deal Yo with a mobile work set-up?

1. Benefits of mobile working

Freelance contractors know about the benefits of mobile working, including managing their workload successfully; that is at times and in places to suit themselves. They also catch on pretty quickly to the importance of a great mobile work set-up and how to sync their various gadgets so they can access all types of documents, communications and information anytime, from any device. As sharing with work colleagues is also essential, there are apps and programs designed to do this easily, even when a number of people are working on a specific project together or jointly editing a document.

2. Smartphones and Tablets >>

There’s probably no such thing as the best smartphone or tablet on the planet, although undoubtedly a few manufacturers and suppliers would argue about that. Besides, the way in which devices are being developed builds in obsolescence – today’s world-beater is next year’s has-been. Smartphones, like tablets, are ultimately as good as their power and speed, as well as the quality of the apps available for them.

There’s a wonderful illustration of a smartphone by John Holcroft (Getty Images) showing all manner of tools emerging from a small handheld device, including a calculator, magnifying glass, thermometer, ruler, spirit level, tape measure, watch and spectacles. Nowadays, of course, that’s only part of what a smartphone or tablet can achieve. In fact, it’s likely that most work-related functions can be covered, leading to the inevitable delighted squeal from tech-savvy folks of “there’s an app for that!”

To be most effective as a working tool, the ideal set-up for mobile working is one that allows the user who has one gadget, say a smartphone, to access information on a remote device – a laptop, netbook or tablet for example. While it’s immensely pleasurable and tempting to download apps solely for entertainment, social media, sports and fitness activities, to name just a few, the apps that promote productivity and can be easily synced between gadgets are the ones to seek out for work purposes.