Microsoft Vs Apple: From PCs to Laptops to Tablets, Once You Go Mac Do You Ever Go Back?

Microsoft Vs Apple: From PCs to Laptops to Tablets, Once You Go Mac Do You Ever Go Back?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Microsoft Vs Apple: From PCs to Laptops to Tablets, Once You Go Mac Do You Ever Go Back?

Throughout history there have been many epic rivalries.  Not least David vs Goliath, Hercules vs Hades, Virgin vs British Airways, VHS vs Beta Max, Nike vs Reebok, Biggie vs Tupac and of course Jobs vs Gates.

The fight over best operating system (OS) and more broadly which pc or laptop to choose can truly divide people and has been the cause of many an argument.  Some will tell you that you can’t beat Apple’s user experience while a Windows user might tell you that they prefer a more open ecosystem or can get more computing power for their money.

So What The Deal Yo?! Possibly the reality is they both have their plus and minuses and it ultimately comes down to what you use your computer for and what you really want out of a computer.  Below are some areas to compare:


For a long time the hardware point has been a stable argument for Apple users.   Apple (particularly when Steve Jobs went back to company in the 90s) has proven time and time again it knows how to design great hardware, market effectively and build a loyal fan base, but there is a price tag that comes with it.  In the last two decades or so, you could get power and function equivalent to a Mac at a fraction of the cost with a windows product, so the key question when comparing hardware would have been how important is price over look and feel.  PCs to Laptops to Tablets on Amazon>>

If it’s about looking cool in the local Starbucks, then perhaps an Apple product is the way to go.  Arguably this is becoming less and less prominent as the form factor of some of the latest Microsoft and Windows devices have  really progressed in leaps and bounds.  Hardware like the Microsoft Surface Pro series and sleek new laptops/tablets form brands like Lenovo and Asus are starting to command their own design appeal.

User Experience:

The classic argument from an Apple owner and fan is that Apple’s OS is so much more stable, less open to attack, sleek and intuitive to use.  While there is always a case either way, ultimately the tools can do similar things and it’s the user that determines the content output, not the pc, laptop or tablet.  Not to mention, there is that little thing called preference and what you are used to and feel most comfortable using.  As a Windows power user will tell you it just takes a few simple considerations to remove bloatware, the right virus software and a good version of Windows for a powerful experience.  Although it’s fair to say that updating has traditionally been more painful in a windows environment.  As with hardware, newer versions of Windows (7 onwards) and particularly 10 have upped the game considerably so it’s ultimately about what you want and prefer. PCs to Laptops to Tablets

Battery Life:  Laptops & Tablets

This is a one where Apple has generally won the day.  Its laptops and tablets have some of the longest lasting battery operation around.  Many of the products such as the Macbook pro exceed 10 hours while hardware like Lennovo’s Yoga are only delivering over 7 hours.  Although the gap is closing – particularly with new hardware like the Surface Pro series boasting 9 hours.  Battery life is definitely an important consideration, particularly if you move around a lot for work and need your device to last a while, but as with any factor or feature it’s just one thing to consider in line with your own personal use case.

Some Of The Draw Backs With Apple:

  1. Less options for different types of hardware and tied to Apples particular approach e.g. keyboard having shallow keys.
  2. Price: Even lower spec Apple Products can be pricy compared to Windows options
  3. Less upgrade options so the spec you buy needs to be just right for what you need.

Some Of The Draw Backs With Microsoft (Windows):

  1. Often come with unnecessary third party software (bloatware)
  2. A good Anti-virus program is important
  3. Updating isn’t usually free due to the licensing model for Windows

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