Best Selling Tablets

Best Selling Tablets

Best Selling Tablets

Since the launch of the first Apple iPad in 2010 there has been no shortage of new entrants and options.  All the major players including Amazon, Samsung, Huawei, and even Microsoft have worked hard to create best selling tablets that really capture the imagination.

So What The Deal Yo!?! Below are some options based on the best sellers available to buy today:

Amazon Fire Tablets>>

Available in 7″, 8″ and 10″ Amazon fire tablets are now thinner, lighter with longer battery life than before.  They are a great way to access everyday social media, commuication as well as enjoy millions of movies, TV shows, songs, Kindle eBooks, apps and games – including Prime Video, Netflix, Facebook, Spotify, TuneIn, Instagram and more. 

available in different storage sizes and the additional benefit of expandable storage through microSD they are great devices for every day media and entertainment use not to mention having your own personal digital assistant, Alexa.  

Prime members also get access to over a thousand books and magazines, plus more than two million songs, thousands of movies and TV shows and secure photo storage – at no additional cost.  Not to mention easy access to Netflix if you have a subscription.

Apple iPad

One of the first successes and still one of the best experiences and best selling tablets, Apple offers a range of iPads from minis to iPad Pros that are much closer to a full laptop computer experience.  Storage sizes include 32gb, 64gb, 128gb, 256gb and 512gb.  Available with just wi-fi and with mobile internet options, iPads are suitable for business and entertainment.  Notably the apps available via the Apple app store offer the most wide and varied array of apps for productivity, health, entertainment and more than other devices.  Capable for everything from rich learning to graphic intensive games and running more than one app at once, iPads have some of the best batter life at typically 10 hours.

The security features are some of the best on the market and with high quality camera and screen, it’s great for video, photos, iMovie, or your favorite app from the App Store. Or use the front-facing FaceTime HD camera for video calls and who could forget, selfies!!

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung has been trying and succeeding to give Apple a run for it’s money in the smartphone sector so it’s no surprise that they offer some interesting alternatives to the iPad and other best selling tablets.  One of the best selling is the Samsung Galaxy Tab range.  The Tab E is just 8.5 mm thin and weighs less than 500 g making it a practical tablet to take just about anywhere. It’s also a great price by comparison to some of it’s competitors.

While it typically only comes with 8 gb of memory, you can add up to 128gb of storage with the microSD slot.  With it’s front and back camera, access to entertainment and kids mode, Samsung tablets are a great option for kids and the whole family.