How to choose a smart TV. 4 Bright Ideas.


How to choose a smart TV

Remember when televisions used to be big, thick, clunky boxes? It wasn’t too long ago, but it’s safe to say those days are now gone. Long gone. TVs in the modern era are curvy, sleek, thin and sexy, and many of them now boast the “smart” tag. So What The Deal Yo with smart TVs?

When it comes to how to choose a smart TV, you really need to think about three main things: budget, purpose, and brand. But let’s take baby steps here. Before we go into specifics, you need to have a clear understanding of exactly what a “smart TV” actually is.


1. What is a smart TV?

A smart TV is a TV set with a number of built-in features that include:
• Video on demand.
• Web browsing.
• Wireless connection.
• Instant messaging services.

Put simply, smart TVs are televisions that utilise the internet. Nowadays the vast majority of TVs have internet connectivity, which means that many of them can claim to hold that precious label of being “smart”.
But which one is right for you?

2. Think about that budget of yours

There’s no use trying to grab a smart TV that’s outside your price range. You might fall in love with it and set up a payment plan, but it won’t take long for this piece of equipment to turn from something you adore into the bane of your life. People can take years to pay off top-end smart TVs, so think about your realistic budget before you go wading in at the deep end of the market. Besides, there are loads of cracking smart TVs out there for affordable prices. Emptying out your wallet on one really isn’t necessary most of the time.

3. What are you going to be using it for?

Certain smart TVs are optimised for particular functions. If you’ve decided to buy yourself a big screen for the purposes of gaming, you’re going to need one with a high refresh rate – otherwise the picture will lag behind the gameplay and you’ll find yourself conceding endless goals on FIFA or repeatedly being killed in an online game of Call of Duty.

Likewise, if you’re going to be using your smart TV for streaming movies, make sure that suitable apps are integrated – such as iPlayer, Netflix, ITV Player and All4. If you’re planning on dumping your computer monitor and replacing it with a smart TV, ensure the model has good web browsing capabilities and a wireless keyboard thrown in for good measure.

4. What about the brand?

When it comes to smart TVs, it’s always best to go for big name brands as opposed to shopping in the bargain bin. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to splash out your life savings on one. All the big smart TV brands such as LG, Samsung, Sony and Philips have plenty of cheaper options that are both affordable and dependable. Go with one of these brands, and you’ll have a reliable company to fall back on for customer support if anything ever goes wrong.

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