Best Streaming Players Compared: Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Apple TV

3 Best Streaming Players Compared: Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Apple TV


Best Streaming Players Compared:

If you are in search of a media-streaming player and asking – What The Deal Yo?! amazon-fire

It is quite likely that you might end up choosing between these three brand products: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast. These three media-streaming devices may not be the only ones out there in the market, but they are among the most popular ones which offer a lot of value for your money spent and they all cost under 100$. In fact, even if you have internet connectivity with your TV, it is bound to offer you an inferior viewing experience as compared to the media-streaming players we have compared here.

Some Common Features

On the basis of the overall basic features, these streaming players are very much similar. They quite easily plug into your TV through an HDMI port. They all connect to the internet through Wi-Fi for streaming content. The content, which each of the streaming devices offers, is one of the most important factors which people look out for.

Advantages of having a Streaming Players Device

  • You can stream TV shows or films using services such as the BBC iPlayer or Netflix.
  • No need to plug laptop into the TV in order to play content.
  • These devices consume very little power and operate silently.
  • Smartphone owners will be able to play content from their phones to the television wirelessly with the help of these media-streaming devices.
  • Some of these media-streaming devices will be able to display content stored on laptops or PCs which are connected to your home network.
  • Though, loaded with common features, let’s check out some basic differences, based on the services supported and features offered.

3 Of The Best Streaming Players Compared: Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Apple TV

Google Chromecast

The Google Chromecast costs £30 which provides the perfect impulse to get your hands on. Google does provide updates regularly to the device and it provides good value for your money. Of course, the Amazon Fire TV comes with a remote, but Chromecast is controlled through a smartphone or a tablet app (supported by Android and iOS platform).

You can search for the content and select it, and then ‘cast’ it to the Chromecast. The content then gets displayed on the big TV screen. Though, this feature isn’t exclusive to Chromecast, it handles the task quite smoothly.

Chromecast was launched just with apps like YouTube and Netflix. Since then, the app platform has expanded continuously in order to fit in lots of apps like Starz Play, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Plex, Vevo, Google music, Vudu, MLB TV, Rdio and several other apps.

What’s not to like?

  • No standard remote or on screen TV-based user interface available.
  • Search capability of Chromecast is on the lower side as compared to Amazon Fire and Apple TV.
  • App selection could still be improved to include apps like Vimeo (accessible for iOS but not Android), Sling TV, and others.

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