Best Of The Smartphone Titans 2017

Best Of The Smartphone Titans 2017, Memorable!

IPhone X – Best Of The Smartphone Titans 2017

Wow is this actually a phone or something else.  One things for sure, the price is something else! 🙂

For the 10th anniversary of iPhone, Apple has created the most advanced iPhone ever, but What The Deal Yo!? Is it the iPhone 10 really worth the price tag.  Some say it is, it’s just a bit larger than the iPhone 8 while having a much bigger, 5.8-inch screen of the new OLED type.

Packing this into the smaller overall size is quite impressive and the colors are pretty amazing.  Touch ID which has been around for a few smartphone generations now on iOS and leading Android phones has now been upstaged by Face ID.  Arguably this is not new as it’s been available on the Surface Pro and other Windows 10 devices for a while now, but for a phone it’s pretty cool and the tech uses a 3D map of your face.

The interface is also quite exciting with gesture based interactions plus a leading edge camera.  The only downside is it costs as much as a decent laptop!

Samsung Galaxy S8 – Best Of The Smartphone Titans 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 feels like a window into the future of Smartphones.  It looks great and includes Samsung’s new Bixbi AI assistant.  What’s most interesting is once paired with a DeX Station this phone can launch a PC like experience on a screen.  Connect your mouse and keyboard and perhaps you don’t need a laptop anymore.  Well, maybe not yet, but as phones become more and more powerful, it does seem feasible that this is the future.

It’s got a large 5:8 screen although it’s not too big.   It’s a bit longer than a S7, but the same width.   The camera continues the Samsung trend of being high quality and bright, although the battery life is still much to be desired. It’s perhaps not a revolutionary upgrade, but suggests some exciting things are coming.

Google Pixel 2

From a looks point of view, the Google Pixel 2 is not that exciting.  It lacks the bezel less beauty of the Samsung S8 or even the latest iPhones.  However, overall the smartphone is a step in the right direction for Google who are in some ways behind some of the other players.  Perhaps we can expect this to further ramp up now that Google is the proud owner of HTC’s phone arm.   The pixel 2 has Snapdragon 835 system chip which is a step up from the 821.

The quality of the camera is up there with the best of them, but if you like the headphone jack it’s not ideal, but there is an adapter.   One great update is the Pixel 2 is now water proof with an IP67 rating, which is equivalent to iPhone 8.

Best Of The Smartphone Titans 2017