TAG Heuer Smartwatch - is it worth the money?

TAG Heuer Smartwatch – is it worth the money? Luxurious!


TAG Heuer Smartwatch – is it worth the money?

With the entire watch industry gearing to expand its boundaries, almost every watch manufacturer is coming out with newer and better products to stay ahead of the pack. The smartwatch is the latest innovation in the world of watches.

So, What The Deal Yo with the TAG Heuer smartwatch>>?

Swiss company TAG Heuer has emerged as a significant name in this new field with its Carrera Connected model that has a price tag of more than £1,000. Despite the waves this new smartwatch is creating in the premium watch market, you must be questioning whether it is worth the money. Perhaps it is, as TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch is made of Grade 2 titanium, and it is the first luxury smartwatch offering such high quality. It has that classic desirable premium quality look for which products from TAG Heuer are renowned.

Designed for men, the round screen is encircled by a dial of numbers that add to the masculine feel of the watch. With a 46mm face, this watch looks great on the wrist.

The hardware

Purchasers need more than just a good finish and TAG Heuer smartwatch certainly fulfils the technical expectations. With an Intel processor and plenty of internal memory at 4GB, this smartwatch supports Android Wear and is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. With a battery that lasts for around 30 hours and the ability to receive notification alerts, this stunning watch seems to have covered almost every base.

Killer looks

Of course, the best part about this smartwatch is that it has a definite edge over other available makes when it comes to appearance – it actually looks like a classy and sophisticated watch. If you’re still questioning whether a TAG Heuer smartwatch is the one for you, let us assure you, this watch is certainly a good investment and is worth the price.

When it comes to smartwatches, this Swiss watchmaker is certainly making things hot for its competitors. Demand is high for this premium quality smartwatch that looks great on the wrist and surpasses expectations of performance.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]