10 Popular Smartwatches

10 Popular Smartwatches


10 Popular Smartwatches

What The Deal Yo?! with these expensive popular Smartwatches?  Are they as cool as they look or just a waste of money? These high-tech gadgets deliver a wide selection of features including monitoring your heart rate, running a variety of apps, as well as displaying smartphone notifications.

Taking a good look at the number of smartwatch models available in the market, it’s pretty clear that they are here to stay for the long haul.  Here are 10 of the most popular smartwatches that are around today.

1. Apple Watch

Starting at around £300, the Apple Watch is the most customized watched right now. It comes with many features that allow for easy interaction. To start with, its touch screen is easily viewable even in direct sunlight. The sensor on the underside of the watch measures your heart rate. Its Taptic Engine delivers subdued variations to your wrist whenever you receive a call or text, or any other notification. The watch features over 10,000 apps.

2. LG Watch Urbane

Perhaps the most obvious change that the LG Watch Urbane has seen is the outward appearance. Unlike its predecessor, the LG G Watch R, the Urbane features a stainless steel finish, as well as a leather strap that gives the impression of a business-chic look. Although it’s arguably expensive, it’s hard to deny that it’s the best looking Android Wear smartwatch. From around £170.

3. Motorolla Moto 360

The smartwatch from the new second generation of Moto 360 has managed to stay at the top of the wearable pack. In general, it looks much better than its predecessor. The screen is highly visible in direct sunlight as it uses an ambient light sensor to adjust screen brightness depending on the amount of the surrounding light. Overall, its performance is great, comes with a durable leather strap, and has a long battery-life.  Moto 360 2 from around £200.

4. Huawei Watch

The new Huawei smartwatch comes with the look and design of a traditional watch and combines great performance, beautiful and elegant design, great compatibility, and features a circular display, rose-gold-plated watch case, high-quality black leather-band, stainless steel mesh, and a crown.

There are different options to choose from as there are six models available from £289. You can expect tons of features such as a heart rate sensor, a barometer, an accelerometer, a gryoscope and proximity sensors. It has no GPS but has Wi-Fi configurations.

5. Samsung Gear S2

After abandoning the Android Wear OS for Tizen OS, the new Samsung smartwatch is now much easier to use than Android Wear with its user-friendly interface. It has a great design that combines a perfectly round shape with a stainless steel case coupled with a rotating bezel that makes navigation easier. In addition, the sleek watch comes in two flavors: the Gear S2 classic and the regular Gear S2. It has a long-life battery and the performance is great.  From £250.

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