Don’t buy a smartwatch until you’ve checked out our top five

Smartwatches are the new ‘in’ thing in the watch industry and the market is seeing an increasing flow of products from several manufacturers. Each brand is busy trying to outshine the other. Because of this finding the best smartwatch at the right price can be challenging.

So What The Deal Yo with buying a smartwatch?

This is why we’ve decided to make your task a little easier. If you are looking for a smartwatch, check out our top five picks so you can get an idea of what’s presently ruling the market:


Samsung Gear 2

– This smartwatch tops the list as it has efficient email handling. Its tactile rotating bezel makes it stand out and gives it an edge over the Apple Watch and many other rivals.


Pebble Time Steel

– Pebble is surprising the market with its innovative smartwatches. It has an intuitive timeline interface and a thick strap that adds a masculine touch. What’s more, its battery life extends to 10 days. Surely, you couldn’t ask for more from a smartwatch?


Apple Watch

– This watch is the most customisable smartwatch on the market. It has a colour touchscreen that enables great visibility even in bright sunlight and the functionality is impressive. If you are looking for a good-looking watch that is useful and works well, this is the perfect choice.

What The Deal Yo?!