7 Photo Apps that Could Make You Money

Discover 7 Photo Apps that Could Make You Money, Boom

Here are 7 Photo Apps that Could Make You Money

Let’s be honest, who couldn’t do with some extra cash in their pocket?  Whether it’s saving up for new clothes, that dream holiday or helping out with household expenses, with the explosion of technology there are more and more ways of making a little extra money.

One of the easiest ways of making a little (you aren’t going to become a millionaire) extra cash is by using a photo app. So you can be creative, have fun taking pictures and perhaps sell them on.

These apps don’t require that much input either, just some of your nice snaps so it’s not like you’ll have to devote hours of your precious time – that makes it even easier to get hold of some extra money without huge effort.   You do, however, have to provide your personal data to be paid.

Don’t just rush out and download a load of photo apps though because some of them are better than others and there are also various scam apps so you need to be careful.  Here are our top photo apps that could make you some money.

Snapwire – 7 Photo Apps that Could Make You Money

This is a photo app that allows you to make money by selling on your photographs.  If you’re particularly good at photography or perhaps you’re already a photographer, this one is definitely for you.  One of the options available on Snapwire is the tool that hand-curates your photographs so they become searchable.

All images can also be held in their own image database.  There’s a “game” option which works by you submitting your pictures to a Snapwire Challenge to earn points.  Once you’ve reached a certain position on the scale, you can take commissions from clients (lots of brands use Snapwire).  You get to keep 70% of earnings from your sales. Free to download.

(Available on iOS and Android)

FOAP – 7 Photo Apps that Could Make You Money

This is a great app for both professional and amateur photographers.  There is a huge selection of images to choose from for buyers but there’s lots of competition.  An image costs $10 and you get 50% of every sale you make.

There are lots of brands that shop through FOAP so there’s a good chance to get recognised too.  The plusses include being free to download on iOS and Android and there’s no membership fee either.

Scoopshot – 7 Photo Apps that Could Make You Money

This app allows you to upload videos and images.  What makes it different is that images/videos only last for 24 hours – making it highly competitive and interesting.  It also makes it exciting as no two days are the same when it comes to the collection of images available. There’s a daily winner too – and there’s a marketplace where you can sell your images for your own set price.

You need to set up a profile and add your experience, location plus nine images so people get to see a small showcase of you work.   You get full control of pricing and licensing too.  Available on iOS and Android and free to download.

EyEem – 7 Photo Apps that Could Make You Money

With over 20 million users, this is the biggest photo app on this list. If you’re a new photographer, it’s worth looking at as it showcases newbies and it has a special scheme that promotes the best new photographers.  However, as there are so many members, there are millions of images to purchase which makes competition stiff.

As well as being a marketplace it is a great source of information and its app has additional filters and tools that can be downloaded to further enhance your images.  It’s very easy to upload your images to the marketplace and you keep control of the rights.  There’s also an exhibition and awards area which keeps it interesting for users.  Free to download, it’s available on IOs and Android.

MarkedShot – 7 Photo Apps that Could Make You Money

This is a very basic photo app marketplace which gives you the ability to sell your images.  Images cost $5 each and you get 50% of each sale you make.  There are also client-led competitions with specific requirements available on the app, however, they are usually location-based so might be restrictive for some people.  Competition prizes range from $100+.  MarkedShot is free to download and available on Android and IOs.

MiPic – 7 Photo Apps that Could Make You Money

This is a social marketplace for selling photographs.  However, what makes it more interesting is that your images can be printed onto a collection of items that users buy directly through MiPic.  Items are made and shipped internationally and the image creator gets 20% of each sale.  This is only available through iOS at the moment but it’s free to download.

Dreamstime – 7 Photo Apps that Could Make You Money

Probably the easiest photo app, to use, Dreamstime>> is a photographic marketplace that is extremely easy and efficient to use.  You also get sales feedback and statistics so you are ranked and it makes it more exciting!  There are lots of options on Dreamstime, but the most you can expect to earn per image is $12. Free to join, this is available on iOS and Android.