Roll your way to better fitness: how to choose your skates

Roll your way to better fitness: how to choose your skates


Roll your way to better fitness: how to choose your skates

Getting fit can be boring – really boring. So boring in fact, that the whole concept of getting fit in the first place soon begins to lose its appeal. There’s only so many times you can thump your trainers against a treadmill track before you tire of the process and end up spending your evenings curled up in front of the television set with a bag of crisps for comfort. So why not roll your way to better fitness: how to choose your skates.  What The Deal Yo?!


The good news is there’s another way to get fit. A much, much more fun way than simply staring ahead at a wall in the gym whilst listening to the sound of your own heavy breathing. It’s skating. This may seem like a bit of a peculiar activity to partake in when it comes to increasing your cardiovascular endurance, but the truth is that slipping on a pair of skates can really allow you to roll your way to better fitness in the long run.

So What The Deal Yo with skates? How do you choose your skates the right ones and where do you even begin?

There are a surprising amount of different skates on the market, and many of them can be bunched into four main categories:

  1. Aggressive skates.
  2. Quad skates.
  3. Powerblades
  4. Rollerblades (or inline skates as they’re also known).
  5. Freeline (Drifter) Skates

If you’re looking to get fit, it’s number four you should really be looking into. The first three are more associated with tricks, stunts, and pro skating, and if you’re new to the game, you really aren’t going to be ready for any of those shenanigans just yet.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right inline skates/rollerblades.

The two attributes you really need to consider when buying your first pair of rollerblades are durability and support. You might already know how to skate after spending a few summers rolling around the streets as a kid, but it’s easy to get real rusty, real quick – and skating as an adult is a whole different ball game.

In terms of brand, your best bet is to go for something tried and tested. The Rollerblade Spark, Rollerblade Twister 80, Roces Dodge and Rollerblade Spirit are all good places to start. It may cost you a little to get going, but you’ll be starting with the very best, and that’s exactly what you need.

Always make sure you try your new skates on before you make your purchase and remember to wear the same socks you’ll be sporting when you hit the pavements for real. You need to be 100% comfortable in them from the beginning in order for you to reap the rewards. Naturally, they may feel a little odd to begin with, but if they’re digging into your heels or gnashing at your toes, you need to opt for another pair that will be friendlier to your feet.

Skating improves your stamina, flexes your muscles, improves your sense of balance, and increases your overall body strength. It’s a great way to get fit, and after purchasing your first pair of boots you might just find that skating was the fitness hobby you were born to pursue.

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