Ten of the Best Protein Shakers

Going to the gym is serious business but to really get the most of your workout, you need to use protein powder and that’s why you need a decent protein shaker.  A quality protein shaker should be lightweight, easy to fill up and of course, easy to shake!  It should also have measurements on the side so you know how much powder to add.  We’ve researched ten of the best protein shakers so you get the best out of your workout.  Pre workout, post workout, during workout or just because, these protein shakers are suitable for all different powders and will help you to power up or recover.

This is a good quality brand that is used to creating shaker bottles for the gym.  Their bottle comes with a loop-top so it’s easy to open and as it’s leak-proof, there’s no danger of the bottle leaking its contents in your gym bag!  Easy to carry too, you can move through your workout with minimum effort while having your favourite protein powder shake close by. BPA free, suitable for dishwasher use and available in three different sizes, there’s something for everyone.  You can even match it to your gym outfit because there are over 20 different colours to choose from.  This one costs around £16, depending on retailer. Blender Bottle Loop Top Shaker

If you’re serious about the gym, you’ll want a really top-class protein shaker and this one is exceptional (so is the price, at approximately £40 depending on where you buy it from).  It has an X-shaped blade with a 16,000 rpm high-torque motor that mixes up your powders.  Guaranteeing-lump-free shakes, it has a rechargeable lithium battery that literally blitzes your powders fast.  It also comes with a USB charging cable so you can easily recharge.  Buy your Promixx 2 here: Promixx 2

If you want to make a stylish statement, this stainless steel protein shaker is the right one for you.  Smart and cool-looking it features rubber seals so won’t leak.  It’s also odour-resistant so won’t smell either – often a problem associated with protein shakers.  Dishwasher safe and shatter-resistant, it’s relatively cheap for what you get at approximately £8 (depending on retailer).  Buy yours here: PHD Shaker

This one keeps your protein shakes ice-cold and uses vacuum insulation technology.  The Thermos features an easy to remove lid, easy-clean and it’s guaranteed great for blending smooth drinks without lumps, it even comes with a carrying loop on the lid so you can port it round the gym without worrying.  A great little shaker that’s good value too at approximately £16 (depending on retailer).  You can get yours here: Thermos Vacuum, Insulated

If you’re on a budget then you won’t want to miss out on the SmartShake which retails at approximately £6 (depending on where you buy it from).  What we love about this is it comes with little compartments that hold all your different powders, snacks and supplements.  It’s great for getting you organised and at such a good price, it’s a no-brainer. You can get your Smart Shake here Buy Smart Shake


SportMixer Signature Sleek Shaker

There’s nothing bulky about this carefully constructed protein shaker bottle.  Stylish looking with a great design and brightly coloured, this shaker bottle is leak-proof with a stainless steel blending-ball, and you get a nice, smooth protein shake.  Well priced too, this bottle will last you for a while.  At approximately £15 (depending on where you purchase from) it won’t break the bank, get yours here: SportMixer Signature Sleek Shaker

This bottle doubles up as a water bottle and a protein shaker.  It comes with a top that allows you to drink water or you can open it up and add your protein. Easy to carry round the gym, it’s the ideal shaker bottle and it’s quite cheap at approximately £11.  Good looking, it’s comfortable to grip too.  Get yours here: TrimR Shaker Bottle

This is a great little bottle which allows you to carry all your supplements together as it features little compartments.  You keep your liquid in the bottle and then press a button to drop in your powder.  The mixing-ball helps it to loosen up while you shake and everything is ready to go in seconds. A very innovative protein bottle indeed.  It retails at approximately £20 (depending on where you buy it from) and you can get yours here: Umoro V3 3-in-1 Shaker Bottle

This one is easy to use and it’s BPA free.  Cheap at approximately £5, you won’t miss it if you lose it.  Promising lump-free protein shakes, it’s easy to open, easy to blend and lightweight enough to carry around with you. It also holds up to 700ml of liquid. Get yours here: Huel Shaker

This cheap protein shaker is bottom of the budget but still delivers a great experience.  It’s affordable yet holds up to 27 ounces in liquid and it’s BPA free.  With silicone anti-slip grips don’t worry about sweat, you can pick it up with ease, even when you’re in the middle of the toughest workout.  It comes with a small mixing ball and shakes up protein well-enough.  As it’s cheap, you’ve nothing to lose! This one retails at approximately £8 (depending on where you buy it from).  Usually available from Amazon: Bottled Joy Shaker Bottle

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