Five Best Meditation and Relaxation Apps

There’s no doubt that more and more people are turning to meditation and relaxation techniques to try and quieten their busy minds, reduce anxiety and even sleep better.  Scientific data proves that it works and with the growth in technology, meditation and relaxation is far more accessible than it used to be.  There’s no need to book into expensive classes either, just by downloading specialist apps you can enjoy a far more restful life, even when your days are stressful and long. Simply plug in, dim the lights, close your eyes and let the following apps (available on iPhone and Android) lull you into a dream-state to help you to forget your worries and chill out!



Another highly rated mindfulness app, Headspace is a meditation tool that is good for you if you’re a beginner.  With a free trial, it has ten exercises to help you to empty your mind and learn about what meditation is as well as the technique.  Additionally, every individual that subscribes has their own personal progress page and there’s a reward system that helps to encourage you to use it.  You can even connect with other friends and family that use it and this helps you all to get more out of meditation.  Subscribe to a premium plan for more features.

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This is not a free app but it is excellent for meditation and gives you access to over 11 hours of various programmes.  Each programme works on an aspect of your life, for example, meditation to relax you, meditation to banish anxiety, meditation to help you sleep better etc.  It also measures how well you’re doing with the meditation, evaluating your progress the more you use it.



Rated five stars on iPhone and Android, this free app with trial has a variety of guided meditation programmes to help you to enjoy a more relaxing life.  Meditations last from 3 minutes to 25 minutes so you can definitely fit it into a busy schedule!  There’s a Daily Calm feature which takes just 10 minutes and is designed to help you to start your day.  Additionally, you’ll enjoy the specially designed breathing exercises that help to relax, banishing anxiety.  With 25 soothing sounds and sleep stories to help you fall asleep, it’s an excellent app and when you download a premium subscription you get access to more features and benefits.


The Mindfulness App

Rated highly on both iPhone and Android, this free to download app offers you a trial before you buy and is full of exciting features including a five day guided meditation practice.  The app reminds you to take time to relax and measures your individual meditation habits to tailor something that helps you feel rested and refreshed.  You can even integrate it with other health apps.  Taking out a premium subscription allows you to add more features too.


Insight Timer

Rated five stars on iPhone and Android this free app has over 4,500 meditations to choose from.  Each meditation is written by a qualified practitioner and there are more than 750 music tracks to select from too which you can use to customise the programme you select.  As well as meditations, there are background colours and meditational sounds.

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