6 Healthy Eating Tips For Christmas

6 Healthy Eating Tips For Christmas. Guilt-free !


6 Healthy Eating Tips For Christmas

As we head, full swing in to the Christmas period, we already know that we’re about to spend at least a week [but probably longer] surrounded by endless tasty food and festive drinking and the temptation to over indulge is incredibly hard to resist.  If you don’t want to spend January in the gym regretting December’s over-eating, here are a few 6 Healthy Eating Tips For Christmas.

1. Share The Wealth

If you are throwing the party, have plenty of plastic containers on hand.  As the evening comes to an end, share out the left over desserts and invite guests to take home extra treats.

2. Plan Ahead

Stretch your pounds save your waist: Bring home leftovers from dinners out and have them as lunch the following day.

3. Put Family First

Make the Christmas gathering about catching up with family instead of focusing on stuffing your faces. Dust off your favourite board games, make your own decorations together, quiz each other with family trivia or foster a day-long joke by seeing who is the most stealthy at sticking a snowman on relatives’ backs.

4. Slow Down

Save room for your favourite food and don’t overdo it on nibbles and starters.  It’s easy to eat more than you realise when you’re chatting away and that bowl of crisps is right next to you.  If you’re organising the food, why not offer healthy snacks like raw veg with tasty dips instead of pastries and crisps.

5. Pre-empt your indulgence

Eat a healthy snack before going to the party so you don’t overindulge on a ravenous, empty stomach.  Go for something that will curb your pre-dinner grumblings without completely ruining your appetite altogether.


6. Eat First, Sip Second

Only drink alcohol on a full belly.  Not only are you more likely to make poor dining decisions and overeat when drinking on an empty stomach, but the beverages alone quickly rack up the calories.  Keep tabs on your intake and try turning your wine into a spritzer or your beer into a shandy.

These are 6 healthy eating tips for Christmas that will help you enjoy Christmas celebrations guilt free.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]