Top XBox Games

In 2001, software giant Microsoft decided it was not going to be left behind any longer in the video games industry and unleashed Xbox. The black box that had big green X as well as tones of games. However, not all these may be considered the very best.

The list are some of the best Xbox games ever.


Grand Theft Auto V

When it comes to Grand Theft Auto, you definitely know what to look out for: cars, drug dealers and a very colorful character cast. Grand Theft Auto V is no different. It showcases an amazing script centered on 3 complex characters in the great Los Santos city. You may opt to lead the 3 chief protagonists through exhilarating story missions, conduct detailed heists by enlisting the help of your friends or just explore a world filled with a sense of joyous nihilism.


Red Dead Redemption

In this game, the Wild West story puts you in John Marston’s shoes. This is an erstwhile outlaw determined to find his old accomplices after his altercation with FBI. Developed by the same people who brought to us Grand Theft Auto, this open-world game thrives on a rich story as well as memorable cast of characters while still offering a zillion of remarkable activities to keep you glued on.


Halo 3

While the bar for first-person shooters was raised by the original Halo, Halo 3 perfected it. Halo 3 pushed the story of Master Chief along and left behind some unanswered questions. At the same time, it introduced 4-player co-op as well as a strong map editor. In addition, the game is still great in 1080p. it is still fun to blow up aliens.


Forza Motorsport 4

Forza’s forte is not captivating story. It is the same with Forza Motorsport. However, it is still able to refine the hallmark gameplay of the franchise. The cars have great visual, and so is the welcome attention. Top-notch AI and online play ensures that the game caters to all calibers of racers. Although it has only a limited range of races and circuits, every other thing included has been crafted masterfully.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 combines the familiar with and also showcases a great campaign that spans two different time periods. It provides multiple endings based upon tough, in-the-game decisions. However, thanks to all COD titles, its value lies within the multiplayer component. Its strong zombie mode still stands out, although what changes how you play is the 10-slot restriction on load-outs.


Arkham Asylum

There is little doubt that Arkham Asylum is the best comic book title ever put together. Right from the time that you hear of Mark Hamill, the engrossing story hooks you, and it follows this up with fighting mechanics and superb puzzles who take advantage of hundreds of iconic armory from Batman’s arsenal.


Gears of War 3

Building a thriving new franchise is hard enough. Creating a franchise that then becomes the new pillar for a whole console platform is even harder. You have so many planets that need to align, releasing them at the most ideal time in the lifecycle of the system, marketing it properly, coming up with characters fans will like and finally designing incredible game.

Guess what, Gears of War pulled it off, and GW3 (Gears of War 3) is the epicenter of the series. The game is packed with epic storyline with indisputably emotional moments. It also has huge battles and set-pieces as well as polished multiplayer with quite dedicated servers. It’s by all means the greatest Horde mode you can find on the planet.


Mask of the Ninja

The game is about an unnamed ninja who embarks on a journey to rescue his sensei from the jaws of the Hisomu ninja clan. Although the story is evidently shallow, the stealth mechanics, coupled with superb controls, makes the game not only rewarding but also beautifully constructed. The vast array of memorable cinematic sequences and hidden challenges conspire to make the replay value even greater.


The Third

Although The Third lacks visual flare, it makes up for this with personality. It has more vehicles, customization, more weapons and more mini games compared to majority of open-world games. However, it still has a mesmerizing storyline that is also outrageously raunchy. To get better experience of the game, try playing it with a friend or even try the Whored mode.



This is a dreamlike puzzle game with a unique twist. The title might seem as if the whole object of the game is to save a damsel in distress. However, the clever puzzle design, couple with a mature storyline, renders the game much more than your average video game. The water-color like world and the music are bewitching. Finally, the ever increasing sophisticated use of time manipulation is just brilliant.

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