The Top 7 Best Selling PS4 Games

Sony have definitely got the support of gaming fans from all over the world with the Playstation 4 console. For a while it looked as though Xbox were taking over with the 360 being much more popular than the Playstation 3. However the Playstation 4 has swooped in with a huge impact displaying unbelievable graphics and an extraordinary video game experience. No matter what genre you love the PS4 will have you indoors all day long. So what games should you be looking out for? Here are the top 7 best selling PS4 games of all time to help you decide what to buy next.


Assassins Creed Unity

The assassins creed franchise will never die and has always pleased their fans. With record sales for some of the older Assassins creed games, Unity is definitely up there with the rest of them. In Unity you will live life through the eyes of Arno and see his journey into the creed. An all new combat system makes the game much more challenging as you won’t be able to kill 10 guards at once like you could in Black Flag. This makes combat much more tactical and forces you to use stealth more than physical combat. This incredible historical masterpiece portrays a very enjoyable story and continues the fight against the Templars.

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