10 Best PC Games

Top 10 PC games you shouldn’t miss

The PC is making a comeback that was neither expected nor
imagined. With decent console ports, virtual reality and triple-A tiles, it’s a
no brainer to choose PC over Xbox1 or PS4. If you are a mouse and keyboard fan
muttering “Boom, Headshot!” during sleep, PC has no shortage of indie
and blockbuster titles to help you spend hours. With that said, listed here are
the top 10 PC games that have the strongest recommendation of the gaming


Heroes of the Storm

The heroes in this game are favorites selected from Warcraft,
Diablo and StarCraft. This game brings their unique approaches to the battle
arenas asking teams to not only defeat each other but also complete side
quests. The game has several cards, each with a theme and integrated missions to
divide your attention. One allows you to activate a golem who can devastate
enemy base while other can turn you into an unstoppable Dragon Knight. The game
is not only diverse, but intensely fun.

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