Top 5 Action Cameras

Top 5 Action Cameras. Go!


Top 5 Action Cameras

It’s not enough to simply experience adventure anymore – now each jump, dive, flight and ride must be captured from every angle so that they can be watched, and enjoyed, time and time again. We don’t just want to head into the unknown, but take an audience with us.

The question is, can technology keep up with this insatiable thirst for adrenalin-fuelled exploits?

In no particular order… What The Deal Yo with… action cameras?

1 Of The Top 5 Action Cameras –  Nikon KeyMission 360

There’s a lot of industry buzz surrounding the release of the KeyMission 360 – particularly as it’s the first action camera to be released by photography giant Nikon.

Offering 360-degree video capabilities, 4K HD and stunning image quality, the camera lets user to capture every moment of the action. It’s a big deal for consumers and semi-pros alike, enabling them to enter the world of virtual reality for the first time. It’s set to be light and easy to use, and will feature a rig for better picture quality.

2 Of The Top 5 Action Cameras – GoPro Hero4 Black

GoPro is one of the best-known names in the world of action cameras, and the Hero4 is no exception. It’s a comprehensive action camera that offers everything an adventurer could ever need to capture their deeds – and misdeeds.

Durable and waterproof, the camera has a range of experimental photo settings, a battery life of between one and three hours under standard usage, and everything else consumers will have come to expect from the GoPro name. As with most GoPros, it isn’t cheap – but it’s so worth the money.

3 Of The Top 5 Action Cameras –  Re Camera

The HTC Re is a middle-of-the-market offering, but it does its best to keep up with the giants. Featuring a grip sensor, the camera is activated as soon as it’s picked up, and is easy to use with just one hand. It’s ideal for those who are up to their armpits in adventure, or wearing bulky gloves.

The camera’s waterproof and durable, has smartphone sychronisation to make it easy to share images, and boasts a slo-mo setting for truly artistic action moments. What’s more, the HTC Re has 16MP/1080p video capabilities, creating fantastic images.