Time Saving Gadgets for a more Productive Life

Time Saving Gadgets for a more Productive Life

Time Saving Gadgets for a more Productive Life

We are all busy.  We get emails every minute of the day and we can’t escape them.  We have to check our latest Facebook updates, see what celebrity has tweeted and keep an eye on our Instagram feeds.  Then we have to get to the office to work a 40 hour week and take and collect the kids from school all at the same time!  Not to mention do the chores, there’s dry cleaning, shopping, cleaning and cooking.

Don’t forget factoring in seeing friends, family, going to the gym and taking the dog for a walk – it’s a wonder there’s any time to do anything else.  Life is just, well, busy!  That’s why technology can help with those chores. Yes, sometimes having a smart phone or tablet hinders too but with some clever time saving gadgets you can actually use them to lead a more productive life and stop juggling so many balls in the air.

Gadgets That Deal with Household Chores –

Time Saving Gadgets for a more Productive Life

You know you need to clean your house.  The dust layer is growing and that hoover has fallen into a coma but finding that spare hour is tough.  With some clever gadgetry you can spend more time working on your project or playing with the kids.  You could even up your gym workout time or spend the extra hour browsing the shops for some delicious new clothes…

Time Saving Gadgets for a more Productive Life – Braava Robotic Mop by iRobot

No need to  get down on your hands and knees to wash the floor, try the Braava Jet Robotic Mop by iRobot. This small device gets into every corner and buffs up your floors so they literally sparkle and shine! You, on the other hand, put your feet up and allow the Braava to mop underneath them.  The quiet humming could even lull you to sleep.  Shop on Amazon

Tersa Clean 10 Minute Clothing Care System

Need to freshen up your clothes but got no time to put them on a cycle?  Try the Tersa Steam 10 Minute Clothing Care System which runs on a short, 10 minute cycle and uses all-natural distilled water with plant minerals.  Your clothes are almost instantly deodorized, smoothed out and dried – ready to wear.  Add a recyclable Tersa Pod and they smell freshly scented too.  Get your clothes cleaned faster than ever before here: Tersa Clean

FoldiMate is a Time Saving Gadgets for a more Productive Life

One of the most boring household chores has to be folding clothes.  Luckily, you can eliminate it entirely by purchasing the FoldiMate, a robot that automatically folds your garments for you.  Simply pop your clean laundry into the feeder (up to thirty garments at a time) and it magically folds it up, uniformly too so you don’t have to waste precious time.  Suitable for all clothing, from kids clothes up to very large adult sizes – complete genius!

Watering the Grass

Time Saving Gadgets for a more Productive Life

Then there’s the grass.  When you’ve spent all that time designing your colourful garden, keeping it looking beautiful can be a challenge in the dryer, warmer months.  Going outdoors with a hose and a sprinkler is time-consuming and you have to remember to keep moving the sprinkler around the garden.  Luckily with a couple of great gadgets, you don’t’ have to do anything except set them up.  Try the Hozelock Sprinkler and Irrigation system.

It’s easy to do, you feed the slim pipes into your borders and grass area (pots too), fix it to your outdoor water system and set it to water your plants as often as you want.  Or, there’s the wireless Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller which is the ultimate in gadgetry as it works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest and IFTT.  It instinctively knows when to water your plants – brilliant!

Time Saving and Stress-Beating Gadgets

Now you’ve got all that spare time, you need to manage it really well!  Yes a watch or a clock is useful but only if you remember to actually look at yours!  You need other methods and with today’s technology, there’s a treasure trove of great time saving gadgets to really maximise on your schedule availability:


This connects to your smartphone, computer or your tablet via an App and you assign it with your tasks for the day (up to 8).  For example, it could be working, dealing with emails, taking a coffee break or even meeting up with your friends after work. Once you’ve completed a whole week, you get a breakdown of what time you’ve spent on each item so you can structure your day better and to see where you can cut down on time or use time more efficiently.

Airo Stress Tracker

This works on a wristband and tracks your nervous system, automatically alerting itself when you’re under stress.  When you are stressed it offers guidance using personalised advice.  Once it gets to know you, it really hones in on what stresses you out and helps you to redress the balance, getting rid of the activities that cause you the most amount of anxiety.

Now you’ve organise use your day to spend more time doing the things you love – you’ll find your schedule is slightly easier to manage with time apportioned to different tasks and some tasks looked after by robots.  Technology at its best!