the five best virtual reality headsets

The Five Best Virtual Reality Headsets

The Five Best Virtual Reality Headsets

We’ve heard about virtual reality for years and now it’s really here and ready for everyone to try plus it’s set to stay.  Just by putting on a special headset, we can explore just about anywhere and actually feel like we’ve taken a journey, all while sitting on the sofa in the living room!  As with all technology, virtual reality headsets continue to improve and that means that some of the headsets available today are literally state-of-the-art. 

The best thing about VR headsets is that there are so many excellent affordable options.  There are high end headsets, for example the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.  There are also those that can be tethered to your mobile phone.  For example, the Google Daydream View or the Samsung Gear VR.  However, if you’re new to the world of Virtual Reality headsets, it’s good to have an insider’s view on the best type to buy.  Here’s our pick of the five best virtual reality headsets:

Samsung Gear VR (2017)

This is a very accessible VR system that retails at approximately £120 (depending on where you buy it from, so it is affordable.  However, beware that if you do decide to choose this model, you need to have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone (do check the model you own is compatible).  This does make the VR headset restrictive but the system has the added bonus of a Bluetooth controller with motion sensor and touchpad. 

Samsung also works in conjunction with the VR Headset gurus Oculus to build the software.  That means there are lots of compatible apps and games to use alongside the GR VR. Rated games for the Samsung include Land’s End, The Well and Augmented Empire. Buy yours here>>

Oculus Rift

This product is compatible with a PC or an Xbox One and it offers an incredible virtual reality experience.  Oculus has lots of great apps that work with the Rift, such as Robo Recall Shooter, Eve Valkyrie and Resident Evil: Biohazard.  Expect a truly immersive experience thanks to its OLED panels (2160 x 2000 resolutions). 

It also has hand-held touch controls that make you feel like you’re not using a controller (rather you feel like you use your hands).  More expensive than some VR headsets, it costs approximately £400 (depending on where you buy it from).  Get your Oculus Rift here>>

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PlayStation VR 2017

One of the more affordable VR headsets at approximately £250 (depending on retailer), the PlayStation VR (version 2 released in 2017) is made by Sony and allows you to play your games on home consoles.  Easy to use, most of the games can be played just by using your Dualshock controller.  You can also add a Move controller for a heightened experience.  Be aware that to work the headset, you need to purchase a PlayStation camera if you don’t already own one. The updated version includes integrated stereo headphones, streamlined cables and a slimmer build plus it adds HDR pass through. Try the following games: Resident Evil: Biohazard, Batman Arkham and FarPoint.  You can buy your PlayStation VR on Amazon as a starter kit for around £243

This article: The Five Best Virtual Reality Headsets

Google Daydream View 2

If you’re on a budget this is the right VR Headset for you.  Very recently released, the Google Daydream View 2 is comfortable and compact, retailing at approximately £99 (depending on the retailer) and still offers an excellent experience.  Easy to use, with good picture quality (some blurring is possible) and also responsive, this headset is compatible with Android and Google Pixel. It also comes in an array of colours, so you can pick one that suits your personality and has over 250 different downloadable apps to try.  You’ll find the Daydream View gives a heightened mobile virtual reality experience.  Compatible with Pixel 2 & XL, Pixel & XL, Galazy S8 and S8+, Galaxy Note 8, ZenFone AR, Axon 7, Mate 9 Pro, Moto Z and Z2.  For apps, try Fantastic Beasts, Virtual Virtual Reality and Wonderglade. Get your Google Daydream View 2 here

HTC Vive Pro

This top of the range VR headset updates the HTC Vive is compatible with a MAC or PC and offers the most incredible experience of all headsets (for the price it should).  It does deliver a superior quality immersive experience with ultrahigh resolution display.  Expect to pay between £15 and £35 for games for the HTC (depending on complexity).  More expensive than most, this latest model costs around the £845 mark (depending on where you buy it from) you’ll experience heightened colour, sound and imagery with a dazzling screen and 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye.  It’s also very comfortable to wear with a redesigned shape and great cushioning.  There’s no way light enters so you really get the true benefits of immersion.  Try Rick and Morty:  Virtual Rick-ality, Doom and Fallout 4. Get your HTC Vive Pro here

This article: The Five Best Virtual Reality Headsets