5 of the Best Surf Watches

5 of the Best Surf Watches. Amazing!

5 of the Best Surf Watches

If you spend a lot of time surfing your favourite waves you need all of the gear. We’re not just talking about a cool surfboard and board shorts, you need a great looking watch too and one with a wealth of exciting features.  Surf watches aren’t just practical when you spend a lot of time in the water, they’re stylish too.

So, with the right surf watch not only will you look every inch the surf king and track your progress, you’ll also be able to keep an eye on the time meaning you won’t run late, after all, it’s tempting to spend as much time as possible in the water.

Surf watches are known to be expensive but there are some very affordable, high quality options available.  Not only are these stylish, they’re also super-water resistant and come armed with an abundance of useful features such as surf conditions, alarms and timers.

Bearing that in mind, if you want to buy one, you need to know which are the best surf watches available on the market.  We’ve researched five of the best so you make an informed choice:

1 of 5 of the Best Surf Watches – Rip Curl Rifles>>

Known for its surfing gear, Rip Curl also makes impressive surf watches with water resistance of up to 100 metres.  Rifles is a modern surf watch and comes with plenty of additional features.  One is a pre-programmed feature that gives you 500 tide locations.

There’s also an interface for navigation, timers and an alarm.  Retro good looks and sleek design makes this a winning surf watch choice.  You can buy one here for around £100 (depending on retailer)

2 of 5 of the Best Surf Watches – Vestal the Brig Surf Watch

This digital surf training watch has 100 metres of water resistance and gives you a really interactive experience. Not only does it boast a smart digital interface, it offers training assistant.  You can even track the tides for up to 200 beaches in the world over the next 10 years, so find out where’s best to surf!

There’s a digital tide graph and an interval timer plus a heat mode allowing you to practice heats if you’re a competitive surfer.  Additionally, the Brig has its own OKTOLOCK system.  This is a pattern underneath the watch strap that stops any skin-rubbing so there’s no irritation and it feels lightweight.  You can buy the watch here on Amazon.

3 of 5 of the Best Surf Watches – Rip Curl Search with GPS

This digital surf watch boasts GPS so it instantly recognises your location and gives you relevant wave and surfing conditions.  It also registers the distance you’ve travelled, your speed (including top speed) during your session and it detects wave count too.  Following your surf session it syncs data with its compatible Rip Curl Search GPS app and gives you a variety of graphic charts.

There’s 10 hour battery life and the watch is waterproof up to 100 metres.  It costs around £200 depending on where you purchase it from.  You can buy one here.

4 of 5 of the Best Surf Watches – Nixon Ultratide

Made by Surfline, this is a watch that uses real-time surf conditions with access to surf reports and forecasts in thousands of worldwide locations.  Available in a variety of eye-catching colours, it also gives information on swell direction, swell size and wind direction as well as water and air temperature.

It locates where you are surfing too and gives you instant updates as to all current conditions and you can customise surf alerts too. Additionally, the digital Nixon Ultratide can share your session information with fellow surfing friends as it’s iOS compatible.  With 100 metre water resistance it’s a solid surf watch.  You can buy one here for around £240 (depending on retailer).  Buy here

They even have a Star Wars Version:[amazon_link asins=’B01MG56GR2′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’wtdyo-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’ba55a284-8cba-11e8-afcc-a3b411a0cfac’]

5 of 5 of the Best Surf Watches  – Nixon Mission

This digital surf watch works for snow surfing too.  Powered by Google’s Android wear it gives you snow and surf alerts direct to your wrist.  With a round face, it’s water resistant to up to 200 metres (the deepest on this list) and comes with a custom case made out of polycarbonate with stainless steel.  The actual digital surf watch features a 316L grade stainless steel bezel and is compatible with iOS and Android.  Buy yours here.