Stop wining! Top 10 things to know about wine

Life’s funny isn’t it? Thousands of years ago our ancestors decided to smash a bunch of grapes together, and the product they created is perhaps the most famous and widely consumed alcoholic drink in the entire world today. So What The Deal Yo with wine?


There is a head-smackingly staggering amount of different grapes out there…

There are 5000 supposedly. Yep, that’s right: 5000. No wonder those supermarket shelves have so many different bottles on them.


Italy, France and Spain love it

These three areas of Europe are the three main places you can expect to find some of the world’s most glorious wine. Probably about time you got on Skyscanner and started looking for flights, don’t you think?


You don’t always have to fork out for a decent bottle

No – that doesn’t mean stealing, it just means that you don’t have to empty your bank account to get a bottle that tastes good. Anyone who ever said that great wine is always expensive is either misinformed or just telling porkies.


You’ve got a year to drink it

Some wines will mature and gain a new flavour with age, but it may surprise you to learn that with a lot of wines you have 365 days to get the bottle’s contents down you before it goes bad. If that isn’t the most welcome, easy-sounding challenge of all time, we don’t know what is.


Champagne is wine

If you’re a champagne lover who’s been declaring “I don’t like wine”, we’ve got a bit of bad news for you: Champagne is wine. It’s just a bubbly variety hailing from an area in France called…drumroll please…Champagne. Didn’t mean to burst your bubble(s) there, but at least now you know you’ve been drinking wine all this time you might be willing to give another type a try.


Note down your faves

Wines have such fruity names, you’ll never be able to remember the type you had and really enjoyed unless you note it down immediately, especially if you had a glass too many and the room is spinning in the morning. You can look at your list in the future to determine what sort of wine it is you particularly enjoy. Chances are that every type you’ve noted down will be similar in terms of texture, taste and tannins.


Most wine is dry

Actually, 90% of it is, so when someone raises their hand in a restaurant and asks for a dry white wine, there’s every chance the waiter will have too much to choose from and simply grab the bottle closest to hand. A way to narrow it down a bit is to mention the “body” of the wine, which can be light, medium or full.


Drinking out? Get a bottle for better value

Bottles are almost always better value for money at restaurants than drinking by the glass. Drink more and get your money’s worth.


And the winner of the most popular wine goes to…

In Britain, it’s Sauvignon Blanc, closely followed by Chardonnay and Merlot.


Enjoy it

Sip slowly and inhale deeply to get the most of your wine. You won’t appreciate it properly by downing the bottle in one go.

 So when you’re buying wine, consider these ten facts and start “wining”!

What The Deal Yo?!