Five Coolest Fridges for your Man Cave

Five Coolest Fridges for your Man Cave, genius!

Five Coolest Fridges for your Man Cave

Your Man Cave is your haven.  The place you can’t wait to retreat to, either for gaming, to have your mates over for a beer or just to catch up on what you’ve missed – alone and in peace!  So, if you are lucky enough to have your very own Man Cave, you need the right equipment for it to really reap the benefits.

Something you can’t live without is a cool fridge.  Plug it in, let it chill and fill it with your favourite beer.  Make your fridge worthy of your Man Cave though, it could even be a focal point – something that’s a real conversation starter and definitely a cool looking fridge that your friends want to get their hands on!  Just keep their hands out of your fridge….

Here are five of the coolest fridges to buy for your Man Cave.

1 of Five Coolest Fridges for your Man Cave – The Marshall Fridge>>

This cool looking fridge is a real head-turner; in a black finish with the logo emblazoned across the front you’ll definitely get a number of compliments.  Inside, you’ve even got a freezer compartment and when you want to listen to music in the dark, the interior lighting helps you choose your favourite beer.  Energy efficiency rating A+, it’ keeps everything nice and cold and will last you for years.  Expect to pay around £280 (depending on retailer).

2 of Five Coolest Fridges for your Man Cave – TKG Retro Can Vending Fridge>>

This is the ultimate in cool – in bright, pillar-box red, this fridge is styled just like a vending machine.  All you do is press a button and your can slides out the bottom with ease.  It’s effort free (you don’t even need to open the door) and will really impress your friends.  The fridge holds up to 12 330ml cans and it’s even portable enough to take to a festival or when you’re partying outdoors because it runs off a 12 volt car socket.   Retailing at around £150 (depending on where you purchase it from), it cools up to 18 Deg C.

3 of Five Coolest Fridges for your Man Cave – Russell Hobbs 45 Litre Fridge>>

This is a small fridge that comes with its own ice box and a 2 level shelf in the door, so it fits a lot of beer (and snacks!).  A+ rated for power efficiency too, it’s a good all-round mini fridge that’s space-saving too as you can easily place it on top of a table.  Retailing at around £95 (depending on where you buy it), it also features a reversible door and an adjustable thermostat.  You can even remove the wire shelf inside if you want a couple of bottles of wine in there too.

4 of Five Coolest Fridges for your Man Cave – Husky Black Mini-Fridge>>

This handsome fridge is designed for beer and that’s because the manufacturer makes fridges especially for the big beer brands (for example, Stella Artois, Guinness and Budweiser).  Simple and sleek, it’s a smart looking Man Cave fridge and it’s a good retail, at approximately £115 (depending on where you buy it from).  With good capacity (up to 40 standard size cans of beer) and a chiller up to 5 Deg C, your beer stays nicely cold.

5 of Five Coolest Fridges for your Man Cave – LEC DF50B Drinks Cooler>>

Here’s something for everyone.  The black LEC Drinks Cooler has an integrated handle and sits on top of a table for easy access and it’s space-saving.  Not only does it house beer, it’s a good size for wine too and can hold ten bottles, chilling up to 16 Deg C.

Black panels and a tinted glass door make this a great looking piece for your Man Cave.  It’s also quiet, there’s no humming so you won’t have your music interrupted.  Retail price is approximately £140 (depending on where you buy it from).  Energy rated A, you’ll find it very efficient too.