Don’t be sloppy with your coffee: find the best coffee to buy at your local supermarket

Isn’t coffee great? Both its aroma and taste are a sure fire way to wake you up every single morning, and some research has even suggested that a little cup of Joe here and there can actually be beneficial for your body in the long run. Unfortunately, the general consensus appears to be that you need to visit a pricey coffee shop in order to get yourself a good cup of coffee and that the supermarket versions simply don’t cut it. This got us thinking: What The Deal Yo with supermarket coffee?

Is it as bad as some people suggest or is this all simply a myth? How do you know which supermarket brands of ground coffee are the best and which ones leave a bit of a sour taste on the tongue? What brand will leave you jonesing for another cuppa, and which ones will fail to quench your thirst completely?

Those are a lot of questions to answer, but we’ve had a look around and come to some conclusions. You’ll be happy to hear that we have two pieces of good news for you on the supermarket coffee front:

  1. There are plenty of great-tasting coffees to choose from on the average supermarket shelf.
  2. You don’t have to break the bank to stock up your cupboard with coffee that’ll give you a good kick up the backside in the mornings and have you bouncing out the door ready for your day.

It may be easy to immediately cast aside the likes of Aldi, Lidl and Morrisons coffee in favour of say, M&S and Waitrose products, but a bunch of taste tests conducted over the past few years by The Guardian revealed that these assumptions didn’t quite go according to expectation. M&S Single Origin Peruvian, 227g came out on top with a taste score of 8/10, but cheaper brands such as Asda Extra Special Mocha Limu, 227g and also Aldi Specially Selected Ethiopian, 200g ranked very closely behind – both scoring 7/10.

Elsewhere, a taste test conducted by consumer champion revealed that Aldi Specially Selected Roast & Ground Ethiopian 100% Arabica Coffee was the best coffee around – tying for first place with Taylors of Harrogate Guatemala Cloud Forests Coffee (almost double the price). However, perhaps the most telling revelation of the taste tests conducted by was the fact that the top five best tasting coffees were all supermarket labels (with the exception of Taylors of Harrogate). Lavazza, Costa and Starbucks – who all have a terrific reputation on the high street for selling top-notch coffee – were found to be languishing towards the bottom of the poll, with Lavazza’s Qualità Rossa Roast & Ground the worst of the lot.

Finding the best coffee for you might take a little shopping around, but you should never, ever be put off by labels you don’t recognise or brand names you can’t relate to when buying coffee. Good coffee is right there in the supermarket at a low, low price, so why not conduct your own taste test?

What The Deal Yo?!