Reduce the Effects of Smoked Meat by Dousing it In Beer

Reduce the Effects of Smoked Meat by Dousing it In Beer Unfortunately, we now know that smoked meat could lead to cancer cell formation.  It’s also heavily linked to cardiovascular disease.  That’s because once you “smoke” meat, it can lead to forming polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), both linked to cancer (particularly lung and bladder cancer (See NHS)  and cardiovascular disease (See NHS). However, it’s difficult to resist the flavour and aroma of grilled meat or smoked meat.  With BBQ season here too certainly for the next few months, there’s plenty of opportunity to throw some sausages, chicken or a juicy

What To Eat To Sleep Well. Zen!

What To Eat To Sleep Well Sleep – it’s so important for everyone and yet many adults just don’t get enough of the stuff!  In fact, approximately 38% of adults don’t sleep for long enough according to various studies. Source If you wondered what you should be getting nightly, between 7 and 9 hours (over the age of 65, it drops to around 7 to 8 hours a night according to this study.  Source However, with today’s hectic lifestyles which are normally busy and stressful, the reality is that most adults get between 5 and 6 hours a night.  Add

Five Coolest Fridges for your Man Cave, genius!

Five Coolest Fridges for your Man Cave Your Man Cave is your haven.  The place you can’t wait to retreat to, either for gaming, to have your mates over for a beer or just to catch up on what you’ve missed – alone and in peace!  So, if you are lucky enough to have your very own Man Cave, you need the right equipment for it to really reap the benefits. Something you can’t live without is a cool fridge.  Plug it in, let it chill and fill it with your favourite beer.  Make your fridge worthy of your Man

Best Smoothie Blenders

Best Smoothie Blenders Top voted best smoothie blenders for protein shakes, juicing, milk shakes, smoothies and more… NUTRI NINJA 1000W BLENDER WITH AUTO-I>> The Nutri Ninja 1000 watt is a powerful blender that is great for smoothies, milk shakes, protein shakes, crushing ice and more.  The Nutri Ninja 1000 comes with a 500ml and 650ml plastic cups which can be used to blend your vegetables, fruit, seeds and other ingredients for your smoothies and shakes. The sip and seal lids can then be attached to the containers providing you with an instant drink on the go container.  With manual and

Stop wining! Top 10 things to know about wine

Stop wining! Top 10 things to know about wine Life’s funny isn’t it? Thousands of years ago our ancestors decided to smash a bunch of grapes together, and the product they created is perhaps the most famous and widely consumed alcoholic drink in the entire world today. So What The Deal Yo with wine? 1. There is a head-smackingly staggering amount of different grapes out there… There are 5000 supposedly. Yep, that’s right: 5000. No wonder those supermarket shelves have so many different bottles on them. 2. Italy, France and Spain love it These three areas of Europe are the

Don’t be sloppy with your coffee: find the best coffee to buy at your local supermarket

Don't be sloppy with your coffee: find the best coffee to buy at your local supermarket Isn’t coffee great? Both its aroma and taste are a sure fire way to wake you up every single morning, and some research has even suggested that a little cup of Joe here and there can actually be beneficial for your body in the long run. Unfortunately, the general consensus appears to be that you need to visit a pricey coffee shop in order to get yourself a good cup of coffee and that the supermarket versions simply don’t cut it. This got us [...]

What you need to know about macronutrients. Essential!

What you need to know about macronutrients Everybody needs nutrients for energy and growth, as well as other functions of the human body, and the term macronutrient refers to a kind of ‘go large’ version – technically a supersize dose. Large amounts of the key macronutrients, comprising carbohydrates, fats and proteins, are needed to sustain everyday living. So What The Deal Yo with macronutrients? Here’s a quick guide to the facts. 1. Energy Supplies This is where the body’s energy supplies come from; proteins, fats and carbs offer different amounts so becoming familiar with what they deliver is important when [...]

Feel Good Foods To Lift Your Mood. 4 Indulgent Options.

Feel Good Foods To Lift Your Mood If you’re feeling down in the dumps, food could be the answer! The four items below could help give your mood the boost it needs. 1 of the Feel Good Foods To Lift Your - Mood Fish Oil Fish oil has long been classed as a ‘superfood’ by many people, and with good reason as it is a great source of essential omega-3 acids. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry recently found that the docosahexaenoic acid found in fish oil may help prevent suicide in men. According to the study, men with lower-than-average DHA [...]