Top 7 Tips For Sticking To Your Fitness Plan

Top 7 Tips For Sticking To Your Fitness Plan. Jumpstart !


Top 7 Tips For Sticking To Your Fitness Plan

I think we can safely say that we’ve all, at some point in our lives, started a fitness plan with the very best of intentions only to lose momentum and give up when we have a busy week or a low energy day.  Sometimes, we feel exhausted or life gets in the way but here are five fab tips to help you stick to your fitness plan.

1. Just go!

On low-energy days, go to the gym with the promise that you can leave after you finish your warm-up.  The likelihood is that once you get to there and get your blood pumping, you’ll feel like finishing your full workout and even if you don’t, at least you will have done some physical activity

2. Let the numbers motivate you

Get measurements like your body-fat level and your blood pressure taken at the start of and at intervals throughout your exercise plan.  This will enable you to set targets that are clearer than just wanting to look ‘better’ or ‘thinner’ etc. and physically seeing the numbers improve will be a great help when it comes to staying motivated.

3. Book it

If you leave fitting your exercise plan into your schedule to chance, you are likely to not fit it in at all.  Keeping a calendar and planning workouts into your week will make your chances of success much higher.  If you enjoy attending exercise classes, book your place in advance.  That way you have made a commitment so are less likely to skip it in favour of your sofa and the TV.

4. Make it a date with a friend

Having a reliable friend waiting for you at the gym will help motivate you to go, and help you to be on time.  We all have days when we feel low on energy and need a bit of encouragement so if there are two of you, when one of you is in need of motivation, the other is there to help.  Look for someone who’s roughly on the same fitness level as you and also has similar goals, but won’t distract you from yours.

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