Five of the Best Gym Shoes

Five of the Best Gym Shoes

Five of the Best Gym Shoes

When the temperature raises high enough to hang your coat firmly in the wardrobe for another year, lots of people start to think about ways to get fit, especially for summer holidays.  One of the obvious choices is to head down to the gym and with so many pay as you go options, not to mention council gyms popping up all over the United Kingdom; it’s a sure-fire way of getting you fitter, faster.  If you’ve committed to get fit for the summer, you possibly need to revamp your gym wardrobe and of all the necessities, your footwear is paramount to getting the best out of your gym session.  That said, gym shoes do not suit everyone.

Some people need different support and you might find that your workout is entirely different to your friend’s workout. For example, weight lifting needs more arch support and a flat sole.  Running needs plenty of support around the entire foot and lots of cushioning. If you’re unsure what type of workout it going to work for you, you need to choose something that’s capable of cross-training.

That means your gym shoe will work for cycling, step, weights, running and other forms of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. So, choose carefully and have a look through our five of the best gym shoes to help you find the right pair for you.


1 of Five of the Best Gym Shoes – NIKE Metcon 4

Only released at the very end of December 2017, This is a good looking cross-training gym shoe that wraps around the middle of the foot comfortably and provides really good arch support.  Made out of a sandwich mesh, there’s plenty of cushioning inside the shoe and it has a flat, strong sole so if you do weight train, it’s ideal.

As well as its supportive construction, it’s good looking too, in act, so good looking you’ll want to wear it with your jeans and to kick back and relax.  Added bonus features include a smaller heel toe offsets, plastic heel clips, reinforced shoelace eyelets and large outsoles.

Good for:        Strength athletes, weight training and cross training

Price:              £115 (depending on retailer)>>


2 of Five of the Best Gym Shoes – Reebok Flexweave Fast

These shoes are the latest technology gym shoes from Reebok and are especially excellent for running on a treadmill or outside.  You’ll find that they really give good cushioning so you don’t feel the heavy force of pounding the pavements.

Made out of exceptionally lightweight and breathable material, your foot doesn’t sweat as the performance fabric absorbs moisture too.  The upper is flexible enough to move while you move so you don’t feel restricted but at the same time, there’s plenty of support as the shoe “hugs” your foot.

Good for:       Running, sprinting, cross training

Price:              £60 (depending on retailer)

3 of Five of the Best Gym Shoes Adidas UltraBoost 3 (Men’s)>>

These are essentially running shoes and they make light of hard work because they’re so comfortable.  Labelled as “the greatest running shoes ever”, these lightweight sports shoes are full of the latest in running technology.  Made out of a textile mesh, the shoes reduce foot irritation and a highly elastic heel means you literally bounce as you move, with minimal effort.  They also mould themselves to the foot so they feel like you are barefoot and as they’re so good looking, there’s no way you’ll want to reserve these just for the gym.

Good for:       Running, sprinting, marathons

Price:              £160 (depending on retailer)>>

4 of Five of the Best Gym Shoes – New Balance Minimus 40>>

These gym shoes are ideal for cardio workouts and great for short bursts of energy.  Made out of textile with a rubber outsole and a bouncy midsole, they whip moisture away from the foot keeping it nice and dry throughout any high-intensity workout.  Well-cushioned and extremely supportive, they’re comfortable to wear and energising too.

They feature REVlite (patented technology) in the heel, so they really do give your feet everything they need wrapped up in a quality gym shoe.  Available in three different colour choices, black and grey, black and lime green or orange and bright blue.

Good for:       Cardio, cross-training

Price:              £90 (depending on retailer)>>

Five of the Best Gym Shoes – Under Armour Limitless>>

You’ll feel like you’re floating on air with this gym shoe which actually has a floating area above your foot’s arch to cushion your movement, especially when you’re really working extra hard.  Additionally, the shoe is made with an EVA sock liner that moulds itself to your foot so there’s no chance of slipping.

TPU technology protects your foot’s pressure points removing aches and pains. Strong, robust and good looking, these shoes are good for cross-training and weight training.

Good for:       cross training, weights, anaerobic exercise, a starter gym shoe

Price:              £60 (depending on retailer)>>