12 Of The Best Gym, Fitness & Health Apps

Getting to the gym or going out for a run can be a drudge and it’s sometimes hard to motivate yourself to keep up your fitness levels; a hard day at the office, the temptation of going for a drink with your mates, a great football game on TV! That’s why those little fitness apps on your smartphone open up a whole new world of motivation. Nowadays they’re vastly improved with new technology to include tracking your steps, exciting new workouts and even being able to share your progress so you can build up a competitive streak!

That all sounds great, but what are the best fitness apps? Some work better for others and with so many available on IOS and Android, how do you know what to choose? We’ve researched hundreds of gym apps to find out what we believe to be 10 of the IOS and Android best that you might want to try to improve your overall performance and most of all, get you motivated! Whether you want to train for a sporting event, you want quick-hit workouts or you prefer to work with music we’re sure there’s something for you on our list.


21-Day Shred App

This little app promises real results in 21 days. It’s easy to follow which means there’s no messing around, you can get on with working out without having to read reams of information. Once you’ve reached your three week goal, there are five added workouts there to help you maintain your fitness level. Great for those who want to lose some weight fast and good for beginners too.



For those of you who are into bodybuilding this app will tick all your boxes. Even if you’ve never lifted a weight in your life you can use this app! It gives you access to over 1,300 different exercises and to make sure you get accurate results, you can easily key in your weight and reps.


Cyclemeter – Get Out Of The Gym

If you love to cycle then this free app is a great help because it uses GPS so can track your route and it also lets you know the speed you cycle, how many calories you burn plus the distance you cover. You can also use its calendar feature which helps to schedule your cycle route and tracks your performance. An added bonus is that you can sync your information to iCloud so can track your progress wherever you are.



This is an excellent free app that comprises of a vast amount of different workouts, whether you prefer to build muscle, improve strength, cardio or even yoga. There’s the added bonus of being able to sync this app with Google Fit and Apple Health. Once you’ve got to grips with it, you can upgrade to the premium app and ask your burning fitness questions to a real trainer.


Pumping Weight

As it sounds, this app is geared to helping you achieve greater strength fitness through weightlifting workouts. It also tracks your workouts and gives you guidance, charting progress (including resting periods). It’s a good app to use if you want to increase your strength levels and is ideal combined with other workouts such as cardio.


Keelo Quick Hit

This free app is for those of you looking for real high intensity workout and there’s a large library of videos that help you to understand each exercise and perform them properly. Each video shows the length of time each exercise takes plus the number of calories it burns and you can favourite your exercises too. The downside is there are so many different exercises to choose from that it can be daunting but if you find this the case, just follow one of the ready-made workout plans.


Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

Got no time to get down to the gym? Well now you can workout in as little as 7 minutes with this app. The 7 minute workout is very popular and gives your body a quick, all-over workout that won’t interfere with your day. The Johnson & Johnson version is supported by Chris Jordan (he helped devise the original 7 minute workout 4 years ago). It includes plenty of workout options and you can even develop your own. For added help, there’s a video feature so you can check that you’re doing each exercise properly – and, the app is free! Now there’s no excuse…


Seven Quick Hit

Here’s another 7 minute workout which gives you a 7 month challenge. This should help to keep you motivated to keep fit and its tracker helps you to keep an eye on your day to day progress. What we like about this gym app is that you are able to devise your own workouts based on your requirements (this could be to lose weight or to improve your fitness level for example). It’s also completely free!



This free app (pro is an in-app purchase) is ideal to help you improve your weightlifting and in motivating you to do more. It keeps track of all the detail, including reps and even devises a personal workout routine. Through it all, the app also creates an overview of your progress which helps you to log and view your performance, even during rest days.


Carrot Fit – Get Off The Couch

So, you’ve found every excuse not to get off your sofa and get out to the gym – well then you need serious motivation and this app may well help! It uses the voice of a rather sarcastic and angry trainer who will force you to take that exercise. It also records your activity each day. Your trainer will praise you when you lose weight but if you gain – well, the angry trainer will tell you off!


Relaxotopia – Destress

With all that working out, you need to wind it down and this free app is a great opportunity for you to destress to delightful ambient sounds of nature…from flowing rivers to the rainforest and even Zen gardens…we’re feeling sleepy already.


Calm – Destress

We’ll finish off with another chill-out app which helps you to wind down after exercise. This free app has over 25 different meditation activities to try and they’re tailored to exactly what you need. Whether you need to sleep, calm down your anxiety levels or really go to another level. There’s a useful visual guide to train you in deep breathing and if you don’t have time to relax (!) then there’s a 10 minute program that everyone can fit into their day, no matter how busy or stressful!

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