6 Of The Best DJ Apps

6 Of The Best DJ Apps – Magic!


6 Of The Best DJ Apps

If you harbour a secret desire to be the world’s best dance DJ but don’t know where to start, we’ve got some great ideas for you, on a screen. There’s no need to purchase an expensive set of decks to mix your music. Instead, there are some incredible aps available now to make your DJ dreams come true.

Remember, these in-app purchase apps are aimed at amateurs rather than professional DJ’s but they’re definitely worth trying and you can even create a fantastic dance-worthy playlist for your own party or event.

1 of 6 Of The Best DJ Apps – Pacemaker (Android/IOS – £2.99 to £3.99)

This cool app really gets the party going! It’s bright, bold, lively and very easy to use. This is probably the most accessible app available for those of you who want to try your hand at being a DJ and it has numerous benefits. Want to access your own music? No problem – simply import all of your favourite tunes from your own iTune collection. Subscribe to Spotify? Again – no problem, you can stream your music from there.

When it comes to mixing, your app helps you out with its very own sync feature. If you want to add some great extra effects (looping, mashing etc.) they’re also available although some cost extra to download). Of course, there are bound to be times when you don’t want to create your own mixes so let Pacemaker choose and mix the tunes for you…couldn’t be better!

2. dJay 2 (Android/IOS – £2.99 to £3.99)

This particular DJ app was developed by Algoriddim, a company already very well-known for creating DJ apps. This app boasts Algoriddim’s very own flagship software “djay 2”, the most up-to-date version.
What we love about the djay2 app is its appearan

ce is just like a physical set of decks and it also works with your own iTunes music. Additionally, dJay2 works with Spotify Premium, if you have it. You can easily record your own mixes and save them to use later on, at a party or for your own listening pleasure.

This is a great app for those who want to make a start DJing but it’s also perfectly suitable for those who are already familiar with DJing and just want to add some better sound effects and more features. Bear in mind, some of the added features on Djay2 are chargeable through in-app purchasing.

3. Serato Pyro (IOS Free)

Serato is already well known in DJ circles however its free app lends itself better to music fans. Just like the others already mentioned, it is able to use music from your Spotify Premium collection and from your own iTunes collection.

Once you get going and you’ve loaded up a few of your favourite tunes, the app is intelligent enough to get to know your preference and will even suggest other tunes that it thinks will work well with your collection.

This app mixes tunes for you and if you want it to, it can even sort your playlist all your music blends well together.
We recommend this one if you want to make your own mixes for events or parties and if you’d rather start with a free app.

4. Edjing 5 (Android/IOS Free)

This free app has gone through many updates and the result is a state-of-the-art program that really delivers excellent user experience results. It’s really designed for novices or budding DJ’s – professional DJ’s will benefit from using the Edjing Pro app, which is separate to this one. It adds a little more than the other apps available, for example, if you have streaming services and use SoundCloud and Deezer you can access your music (as well as through Spotify and iTunes).

With a useful recording element you can even make your own sounds. The mixing function is very easy to master and there are lots of additional features for newbies to add, for example, interesting sound effects. These are all accessible via in-app purchase.

5. Djay Pro (IOS £14.99)

Award winning Djay Pro (Apple Design Award) is definitely a stand-out app for budding DJ’s but it is expensive. It works with iTunes and Spotify Premium to access music just like the others but really, the biggest advantage to this app is added features such as video, recording and extra sample packs.

These bonus features really take Djing up a level and make the user experience engaging and exciting. It definitely gets our vote for enjoyment although it is pricey and there are other apps that deliver excellence without cost.

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6 of 6 Of The Best DJ Apps – Traktor DJ (IOS)

This app is only suitable if you have an iPad 2 or you use IOS 6 and all music must be streamed through iTunes which could use up lots of storage space. We think this is great for budding DJ’s who want something more advanced than basic DJ apps. What we do like about it is that it gives you the ability to split left and right signals, this means you can cue tracks using a splitter cable.

When you do this, note that you get a mono mix output (but remember, club sound systems don’t use stereo). One your tracks are loaded you can interact using your fingers, so you can cue points, set loops and trigger slices of loops. The decks on Traktor also have individual EQ and effects panels.

Bear in mind it’s a more expensive app but it is probably the most advanced DJ app out there, great for pros who want to play around with their smartphone or iPad. If you already use Traktor Pro, the two interact for an even better all-round experience.

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