The Best 5 Bluetooth Speakers.

The Best 5 Bluetooth Speakers. Bold Sound !


The Best 5 Bluetooth Speakers

Whether in the home, on the go or in the car, Bluetooth technology allows for an audio experience independent of wiring or cabling. With the proliferation of these speakers in the marketplace, the price has dropped dramatically, and consumers have never before experienced such a range of options at attractive price points. So What The Deal Yo?! with bluetooth speakers!

When first introduced in 1994, Bluetooth technology was employed primarily as an alternative to bulky data cables. Earpiece manufacturers co-opted it as a way of enabling hands-free cellular communication. In recent years, however, the increase in power of mobile devices has allowed for crystal-clear audio to be transmitted over short distances, and in that regard Bluetooth has taken off with audio technology. In a relatively short period of time, Bluetooth speakers have become the must-have accessory for today’s devices.

So with such a choice of speakers available, which one should you choose? With so many designs, features, and varying sound qualities on the market it can be difficult to know which one to purchase. We’ve tested the options and the results are in.

5 Of The Best Bluetooth Speakers

5. JBL – Charge 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (£99.00) Buy on Amazon >>

Available in a range of colours, the JBL Charge 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker offers an impressive array of features for a mid-range device. The 6000mAh battery allows for up to 12-hours of continuous use and boasts 15W to power the built-in woofer for thundering bass. While not the least expensive speaker on our list, the Charge 2’s mix of versatility and price make for an excellent entry-level Bluetooth speaker.

4. Logitech UE – BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (£118.00)

For sheer sound vs. portability, the UE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker is a winner. Offering a 360-degree audio experience from up to fifty feet away, this speaker is the ultimate in on-the-go sound. Waterproof and lightweight and featuring a rugged design, the included call-answer feature means never missing an important call while listening to music. The BOOM also allows you to sync a second BOOM for true left-right stereoscopic sound.

3. HARMAN KARDON – Onyx Studio Portable Bluetooth Speaker (£109.00)

Harman Kardon has been a well-known player in the audio business for a long time. Their latest offering, the Onyx Studio Bluetooth Speaker strives for an elegant look to complement an outstanding audial experience. The distinctive appearance belies the power within; the unit contains four powered speakers combined with dual passive radiators to give a balanced level of highs and lows, all encased in an attractive round shape. While scoring slightly less with regards to portability and durability than the BOOM series reviewed above, the Onyx Studio excels in the sound department, making it a worthwhile investment for the budget-conscious audiophile.

2. MARSHALL – Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker (£174.00)

Another recognizable name noted primarily for their historic guitar and bass amplifiers, Marshall has harnessed their speaker tradition and have come up with the finely-crafted Stanmore series. Designed in fact to look like a vintage miniature version of a guitar amp, the Stanmore provides exceptional sound, albeit at a loftier price point.

Where this device excels is with its 80W power drive and offers enormous bass output. Simple bass and treble dials, consistent with the retro look, give the user an effective way to produce the optimum audio mix.

The only area where the Stanmore comes up short is with the price. While it’s an excellent sound system – possibly the best on this list – the high price tag vs sound quality doesn’t quite measure up to the top performer.

1. BOSE – SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker (£119.00)

Bose has been an industry leader for decades, and the SoundLink series is no exception to this legendary legacy. This Bluetooth speaker system produces a full, clear sound all packed into a compact design weighing a mere 500 grams, so there is no penalty in sound quality for the small size.

The lithium ion battery gives up to 8 hours of play – a trade-off from some higher-end units but still an acceptable battery life – and boasts a voice prompt system to make pairing a snap. The units are available in five different colours, and include plugs for both EU and UK use.

While the SoundLink doesn’t quite pack the audio punch of the Marshall Stanmore, it does compare very favourably. Its wide dynamic range, portability, and ease-of-use at a significantly lower cost than the Stanmore makes it the perfect Bluetooth system for everyday use.

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